After eating you might feel bloated and in the need for bloating medicine. Many of us suffer from this condition and there are a lot of different reasons for it. To start with over eating can cause it. When you eat too much your gastric system is not able to handle all the food and it will stay in the stomach for a long time before it moves on. This causes the bloating and uncomfortable feelings. You won't be able to do anything because you feel so full even if there has been a long time since you ate.

The actual reason for the prolongued feeling of bloating is the way that our central nerous system works. When you start to feel the pain that is caused by the excess foor in you stomach, your gastric system actually slows down, instead of speeding up to get rid of the food that is causing the pain. Bloating medicine are designed to give you relief to this pain and to speed up the digestion to make you feel better. Once the food starts to move away from yout stomach you will feel better and better. Vomiting is also an option if you are in severe pain, and it will be a result of eating really too much. For some time you will feel the pain that will spread as a headache and after that you will feel nausea. This will cause you to throw up to get rid of the discomfort.

Another thing that is usually related to bloating is the heart burn. People get acid reflux and use antacids to get rid of them, but unlike with normal acidity in bloating it is the worst thing you can do. By using antacids you will dilute the gastric acids that are resposible for preparing the food for digestion. This will slow down the digestion even more and make you suffer for longer. Normally the bloating is caused by drinking too much during the meal. The water will not be able to bypass the stomach since there is so much food, and it will end up diluting the acids and making you have heart burn. Some bloating medicine consist gastric acids and proteases to help the digestion. It is not unheard for the drugs to have al the enzymes of the digestive system to help break down the nutrients and to speed up the absorption.