Bloating is the result of excess fluid buildup, heat, humidity, PMS or more ominous medical conditions such as kidney disease or heart disease. Always see your doctor to rule out any serious underlying medical conditions before trying any bloating remedies. If you only feel puffy and bloated at certain times, chances are the bloating is not serious, but play it safe and see your doctor just to be sure.

Sometimes what you may think of as water retention may be gas. Gas will also make you feel uncomfortable, puffy and bloated. To tell the difference between bloating from gas and bloating from fluid retention, take a look at your ankles. If your ankles appear to be puffy and swollen, it is fluid retention. If your ankles are fine, it's gas. Another way to tell: press in on the fleshy part of your ankle with your finger, hold for 2 to 3 seconds. If the indent from your finger remains, it is water retention.

Stay well hydrated. Water will help to flush out the extra fluid that is causing you to feel bloated. Even though you feel as if you have more than enough extra fluid in your body, drink plenty of water.

Limit your salt intake. Do not add extra salt to your food, skip salty snacks, stay away from processed and prepared foods such as canned soups and stay away from foods that are known to be salty such as Chinese take out. Salt causes the tissues in your body to hold on to excess fluid and make you feel puffy and bloated.

Stay away from gassy foods which will cause you to feel bloated such as cabbage, broccoli, beans, raw vegetables, chocolate and carbonated beverages. These foods will produce gas and make you feel bloated. If you have to eat any of these foods, take an over the counter gas reliever such as Gas-X or Beano.

Get plenty of magnesium and potassium through supplements or choose foods that have a high magnesium or potassium content such as bananas, oranges, whole grains and nuts. Magnesium and potassium help to flush out extra fluid and reduce bloating.

Avoid sugar free and sugarless products. The chemical substitutes used in sugar free and sugarless products are very difficult to digest and will often lead to bloating.

Use natural diuretics. Take Juniper Berry supplements which are available at health food stores, natural pharmacies and online. Never use any product containing Juniper Berries if you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant.

Drink black coffee. Black coffee will help your body to release the excess fluids that causes bloating. Do not add any sugar, milk or cream.

Chew on a few springs of parsley or add parsley to your food. Parsley in a natural diuretic.

Eat melon to naturally reduce bloating.

Add a few leaves of fresh Basil to your foods to natural reduce bloating. Basil will help to reduce the swelling associated with bloating.

Drink a cup of cinnamon tea to battle bloat.

Exercise to ease bloating. If you get your body moving, you will get the excess fluids trapped in your body moving.