Google Analytics IP Block

Google Analytics can be used to track your blog or website performance and they offer unrivaled data on every aspect of your site.But while the stats are extremely accurate and up to date because Analytics track every single user your reports are being inflated - By You.Most bloggers and webmasters spend a lot of time on their own sites and the page views and actions taken by the site owner are also included and this will jeopardise the accuracy.

However you can stop Analytics from tracking your actions on your site and be sure the stats are more accurate.A blogger simply replying to comments or updating posts could add 50-100 page views to their stats.

To prevent this we simply remove our IP from being tracked and here is how it's done.

Remove Your Hits From Google Analytics

The Steps

Step 1. Log in to your Google Analytics account

Step 2. In the top left of the page click 'Analytics Settings'

Step 3. Scroll to the foot of the page and click 'Filter Managers'

Step 4. You have now reached the filter form

4A- Name your filter (My IP will do)

4B- There are 3 drop down menus, from the center menu choose 'Traffic From IP Addresses' and you will open the field to enter your IP

4C - Enter you IP Address into the field

If you don't know your IP Click Here to get it

4D - If you use analytics on more than one site you can choose which sites you want to be blocked from.

Step 5. Click save and your IP will no longer be tracked.

This will really help you get more accurate results for your website.Another great feature you may know know of is Receive Google Analytics Reports By Email check it out.

You will see a decrease in the numbers once your visits are removed but it's important to know exactly how your website or blog is performing.