We've been doing some investigation into keyword density lately and decided to throw some math at our database to see if we can come up with some proper keyword density percentages.  It worked too!

What Did We Do?

To get our new density number we first needed a sample of articles that we felt were expertly written and were unlikely to be keyword stuffed.  Luckily we have all those featured articles.  Now that we had our articles, it was time for some math.  We crunched through hundreds of our features and found their highest densities for one, two, three and four word phrases.  Finally, with data in hand (so to speak), we found our averages and standard deviations and with those numbers we could find density percentages that we were comfortable with.

What are the Numbers?

I know you want to know, so here they are, the new recommended keyword density percentages.

One Word: 3.28%
Two Word Phrase: 1.55%
Three Word Phrase: 0.83%
Four Word Phrase: 0.56%

What Does This All Mean?

All the above doesn't really mean anything without some explanation.  The new keyword density percentages are what we suggest you keep your word and phrase usage under.  Of course there will be articles that go over these numbers and that's okay, your article will just need to be reviewed by our editorial staff before publication.  This goes for preapproved writers as well.  If you find that you're triggering the Keyword Density Issues alert (on the right panel under the Stats Tab), try to fix it if you can, but if its not fixable don't worry, sometimes there just isn't another way to describe something.

We've created a forum topic where everyone can discuss this change and make any suggestions. 

Head over to the forum and discuss >>