This just in, we've create a new element for you to use when creating articles!  As you've probably already guessed from the title, its a rating element.  With this element you can add a visual representation of a score you give a product, service, or anything else you are reviewing. 

Not only does this give your readers something to see, its also set up to give the search engines something to see, and display on the results page.  The rating element uses structured data to tell the search engines what the rating is for, when it was rated, who rated it and, of course, the rating.  This should help your article's visibility when it comes up in searches.

An Example Rating

Test Product admin 2013-06-13 4.5 0 5

Another Example

Some Product admin 2013-06-13 1.0 0 5

How To Add a Rating Element

Adding a rating element to your article is quite simple, just click on the ADD button next to the word Rating under the elements tab on the right panel on the writing page.  The element will now be at the bottom of your article (it can be moved anywhere if you want).  Now all you need to do is click the EDIT button in the element and add two peices of data, the name of the thing your are rating and your actual rating, then click SAVE.

That's it.  Pretty simple right?

If you have any questions, you can ask them in this forum topic.

Happy Rating!