Hey Everybody,

As you may already be aware, at InfoBarrel we've been striving towards increasing the quality of the content on the site.  To aid in this, we've created an article scoring system that examines your article and derives a score out of 100 off of that examination.  For a more in depth discussion of the scoring system, read this blog post.  Now, the next step is to utilize these scores to help improve the quality of content available on InfoBarrel.  This brings us to the point of this email.

Starting Monday, May 13th 2013, all articles that have a red score will be deindexed from the site.  This doesn't mean that they will be removed, just that we will be telling the search engines that they should not send visitors to the low scoring article.  If you improve an article so that it no longer has a red score, we will immediately begin telling the search engines to start to send traffic to that article again.

If you have any suggestions or comments on this, we've set up a forum topic to post to.

Thank you guys for your understanding and hard work.  Together we can make IB a quality source for informative content online.

Kevin & Ryan