There have been a few cases recently where users were promoting their articles through means we deem unacceptable.  Because of this I've decided to come and post a little more details on what is considere inappropriate marketing.

Before I start, using any of these traffic sources will result in all of your earnings being revoked and your account being terminated.

Pop-Up Traffic
Definition: Under no circumstance should you pop your InfoBarrel articles from a popup either on your own web site, or via any ad network offering pop-ups or pop-unders

Iframe Traffic
Definnition: Loading InfoBarrel inside of an <iframe> is also strictly forbidden.

Definition: Any software that sends users to your content.

Automated Traffic
Definition: Any automated traffic that sends either inactive users or non human visitors to InfoBarrel 

Traffic Exchanges
Definition: Sites that send visitors in exchange for you sending visitors to their content

Auto Surf Programs
Definition: While this is similar to automated traffic, any auto surf programs are strictly forbidden.


This is just an example of traffic types that are not appropriate for InfoBarrel. If you have a question about a particular traffic source. Feel free to let us know and we can clarify it.