We have been quiet on updates for a little while but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work on bringing new things to InfoBarrel.  Over the last few months, we have been working on rebuilding the entire site.  Below are some of the highlights. 

New Design

The design of InfoBarrel has clearly become a bit dated.  Everything is looking a little cluttered in it’s current form.  The new design will take advantage of responsive design and will expand and contract depending on your screen resolution.  We will no longer have a subdomain for mobile and everything will be accessed the same via the standard www URL.  Article pages will be less cluttered with only the most important information being listed.

New Editor

We know our previous editor had a few hiccups in certain browsers.  We have reconsidered how we want things to work and have decided that our core focus moving forward will be on user experience.  As a result we’ve simplified some of our technology so that it is easier to use and is less susceptible to glitches.

New Article Layout

Your content should be the start of the page, not a million other widgets and distractions.  We have cleaned up the overall look of the page making you and your content the star.  This will lead to more page views and a lower bounce rate.

Below is a screen shot of an unfitted article column.  

New Article

The ads will run horizontally across the article no longer interfering with your article layout.  Also note the author being highlighted above the article complete with their social links.

New Focus on Building Writer’s Influence

As a writer, the utmost important thing is to build an audience who care what you have to say.  You could write the most amazing piece of content in the world, but if there is nobody there to read it, what was the point.  To assist writers, we are making your social platforms a larger focus.  As your content portfolio grows, your influence should grow with it.

New Writing Policies

While we don’t have all the writing policies ironed out yet, a few of our policies sometimes limited writers from creating really amazing content that may link to quality resources.  We are going to be cleaning up our rules to try and make the art of creating amazing content that much easier.

What do you think?