We've done a little research into the major categories on IB and found out something  interesting.  By comparing the percentage of articles in a category to the percentage of traffic that a category gets, we can start to see categories that have a unfilled demand for interesting content.  This is what you would call "low-hanging fruit".  You can also see categories where competition is stiff and where you need to make sure your content is A+, so that it gets noticed.

Below is a simple bar graph that shows exactly what I'm talking about.  The red bars are the percentage of unique visitors a category gets.  The purple bars represent the percentage of all IB content that is in that category.  By comparing the two you can see what the supply (# of articles) and demand (# of visitors) for each category is.

June 2013 Content to Traffic Comparrison

Lets take history for example, there is a major difference between the number of articles and the number of visitors that category gets.  As you can see the demand for history related content is significantly higher than the supply of articles.

Now lets take a look at business & money.  Here the purple bar is about double the size of the red.  This tells us that there is a lot of competition in that section.  So if you are planning an article for that category, you should be doing everything you can to make it the highest quality possible.  This means pictures, references, videos and/or anything else that will make your content stand out.

When the red and purple bars are about the same height, like in lifestyle, we can determine that readers are likely getting exactly what they want from their visit to IB.

Now these graphs aren't the be all and end all in terms of content demand.  Writing an article in history won't automatically get you traffic, just as writing an article in business & money won't keep you from getting views.  Your content should always be the best content you can put out.  The best content will always attract eyeballs over time.  People will link to it and share it on their social networks, which will build traffic and authority for you and your content.

We're going to put this graph up monthly so that everyone can see how things are going on IB and plan their future articles if they want.

As always, we've created a forum post here that you guys can talk about this and ask us questions.