As anybody who has been around InfoBarrel long enough to know, we ebb and flow with the industry and are continuously striving to become the best platform to write for. April 24, 2012 Google released a very prominent update to it's algorithm, this update was called Penguin. 

The Penguin update was designed to punish sites that used manipulative techniques to increase their ranking in the Google Search Results.  As it turns out, creating self serving links, especially ones with keyword rich anchor text is something Google is heavily cracking down on.

Google has rolled out multiple other iterations of Penguin since this initial launch, and we are aiming to prevent InfoBarrel from ever being affected by future Penguin updates.  For this reason we are introducing a new policy that users are not to build back links to their own content.

Sharing your content with friends and family on your own social networks is one thing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +), but building links via article directories, web site directories, blog commenting or other less than savoury ways to generate back links will no longer be tolerated and can result in the removal of your content.

We have implemented tools to notify us when any specific article starts generating back links.  If these backlinks appear suspicious, we will contact you to determine what exactly is going on. 

In the end, we all want to get traffic to our content.  Individuals building links risk getting the entire site penalized which obviously will result in decreased traffic to all users.  Cleaning up our link profile, will only help improve everybodies existing traffic.  Ultimately we want links to our content to be generated organically because the content is genuinely worth reading, not because individuals manipulated their rankings.


Ryan and Kevin (InfoBarrel Admin)