Last week we revealed the new system for evaluating links within content. Originally we had set the bar a little bit high and after listening to feedback we've made putting links in your content a little less restrictive.

Links in Signatures

Previously, if the links in your signature had a trust flow less than 40 and a trust ratio less than .40, the links were removed.

After reviewing domains in these neighbourhoods, we have decided to reduce these numbers to a trust flow of 30 and a trust ratio of .30.

Links in the Article Body

Previously links that had a ratio under .40 were removed entirely from an article.  To make this less restrictive we've reduced the trust ratio down to .30.  Domains with trust flow under 40 will remain no follow, while domains with a trust flow over 40 will remain do follow.

We have also updated our editorial guidelines to reflect these changes

Thanks for the feedback everybody!