Open Sign

Yea, we know, it has been a long time coming, and we are sorry for the wait.  The blog went down a few months ago after we had some security issues with Wordpress.  Instead of constantly battling updates with Wordpress, we've decided to migrate our Blog to our own proprietary system.  This means, your comments will go live immediately, blog posts will never vanish again, and most importantly all our success stories are back!

 Not only do we plan to keep you up to date with the blog as we once did before, we want to start adding some new columns.  One of the new columns we are planning on publishing is "Rising Stars", where we feature a newer writer who is creating amazing content and pushing the limits on how you can creatively use the InfoBarrel as a platform.

 We also want to get back into the habit of pushing out our success stories, as we know new users and veterans users alike are motivated by the success of others. 

 Anything else you'd like to see on the new and improved InfoBarrel blog? Help us out and let us know!