Back in April we stated InfoBarrel 4.0 would be out within 90 days. Unfortunately we will be missing that deadline, but hopefully by not too long.

IB 4.0 is going to be all the things you love about InfoBarrel in it’s current state, but modernized, and geared more towards building personal brands.

Personal Brand Development

While InfoBarrel will still have the same revenue share as in the past, we want to move some of the focus to personal brand development. As a writer, one of your most important assets is your ability to distribute your story after publishing. The new version of InfoBarrel will be less cluttered and will put more focus on helping you build your social media presence so when you publish a story, you have the appropriate channels to distribute it.  

We will also be offering up front paid opportunities to proven authors here on InfoBarrel as well as on the number of other magazines and online platforms we operate.

New Site Structure

InfoBarrel has been publishing user based content since 2008, we’ve published well over 100,000 pieces of content in that time. As time has progressed our quality standards have improved, to make sure the best content gets the most exposure we are going to be moving to a new format.

All existing content will be moved to and the www will be our showcase platform where hand selected pieces that provide in depth value to readers will be published. Outstanding content from the past will definitely be migrated over.

Instead of doing preapproved accounts like in the past, authors will be able to apply to be a subject matter expert on a category - these pieces, while they will still be reviewed will go to the respective category on the www side.

For the most part will remain more or less the same in terms of rules as InfoBarrel is now. Content on the open will publish immediately, with a few caveats. While these articles will go live immediately, they will not contain ads or be indexed by search engines until they can be reviewed by an editor.

Category Ambassadors

Each major category will have opportunities for section ambassadors. These ambassadors will get access to social media strategies and be responsible for the social media presence for their respective section. They will also help select features for their respective section. If this is something you might be interested, take a look at our main categories and touch base with us via Private Message.


Current events are a great source for content. Previously we had a no news policy. With IB 4.0, Category Ambassadors will be able to appoint writers to write news for their respected category.  

Linking Rules

We’ve found that the old rules limited a lot of great opportunities to share more information with our readers. In IB 4.0 the linking rules will be out the window, to help build better experiences for our readers as well as making it easier to build curated lists.  Spammers and link builders will have their content removed.

Revised Content Editor

Our editor has had a few bugs for quite some time.  We've fixed all these bugs in the new version and while it will mostly look similar, it will work slightly differently and should provide less headaches.

Less Cluttered Article Pages

The last thing I’m going to talk about is the current article page. The new version will have all of the clutter removed with the focus being on the content. Ads will be inserted within the body of your article automatically in a way that should prevent us from falling into any problems with search engines for being too ad focused.


We are super excited about rolling out this new version and growing along side you.