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InfoBarrel News
by admin
6 years ago
Guest Blogging for Links is Officially Dead

It was only a matter of time before it became official.  Link building via guest posting is officially dead.  Matt Cutts came out on his blog a few days ago finally changing his stance from sparse, high quality guest posting being appropriate to the act being completely dead in terms of SEO in a matter of months.

You can read the post at the following link : http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/guest-blogging/

What does that mean for people building links off of InfoBarrel? We aren't 100% sure yet.  However we will definitely be tightening up on any posts that are clearly written for the sake of building links.

We will keep everybody in the loop with any changes as things unfold.

Check out the conversation on the forum.


InfoBarrel News
by admin
7 years ago
Direct Advertising Success

After launching the InfoBarrel Ad Service we have seen a significant increase in ad rates when compared to the Chitika ads we used to use.  Now we are taking this even further and have started to see success selling ads directly to advertisers.  What this means is nearly double the rates for certain categories of Tier 2 Advertising.

As we continue to sell ads directly we expect our rates to rise even more. These improved revenue streams will be passed on to the publisher (you guys!), which we hope will make InfoBarrel an even better place to publish.

Keep up the great work!


InfoBarrel News
by admin
7 years ago
Clarification on Fraudulent Activities: Traffic Sources

There have been a few cases recently where users were promoting their articles through means we deem unacceptable.  Because of this I've decided to come and post a little more details on what is considere inappropriate marketing.

Before I start, using any of these traffic sources will result in all of your earnings being revoked and your account being terminated.

Pop-Up Traffic
Definition: Under no circumstance should you pop your InfoBarrel articles from a popup either on your own web site, or via any ad network offering pop-ups or pop-unders

Iframe Traffic
Definnition: Loading InfoBarrel inside of an <iframe> is also strictly forbidden.

Definition: Any software that sends users to your content.

Automated Traffic
Definition: Any automated traffic that sends either inactive users or non human visitors to InfoBarrel 

Traffic Exchanges
Definition: Sites that send visitors in exchange for you sending visitors to their content

Auto Surf Programs
Definition: While this is similar to automated traffic, any auto surf programs are strictly forbidden.


This is just an example of traffic types that are not appropriate for InfoBarrel. If you have a question about a particular traffic source. Feel free to let us know and we can clarify it.


InfoBarrel News
by admin
7 years ago
Clarification on Fraudulent Activities

As is the norm, we take publisher fraud extremely seriously.  We have never made a post about this since launching the InfoBarrel Ad Service, so we've decided to bring some light upon this matter.

Click fraud is serious.  It is stealing from the advertisers who pay us.  Moving forward, any account caught participating in any fraudulent activity (see Section 5 of TOS), will have their account terminated and earnings revoked.  Users with multiple accounts will have all accounts terminated.

If you are unsure what is considered fraudulent, please see Section 5 and Section 6 of our InfoBarrel Ad Service Terms of Service.

InfoBarrel News
by admin
7 years ago
July 2013 Category Breakdowns - Traffic and Articles

As promised last month, here's the breakdown of articles per category to unique pageviews per category.  If you missed the reasoning and methods for this, check out last months post: June 2013 Category Breakdowns - Traffic and Articles

July 2013 Content to Traffic Comparrison

A quick look at some of the numbers

Like June, history and entertainment both have a good deal more views than they have content.  If you've got something in mind to write for either of these categories that you think people would enjoy, now is probably the time.

On the other side of that coin, tech and business both have quite a bit more of the content pie than they have of the views pie.  So if you're writing for these categories, you really need to go above and beyond to capture reader's interest. 

This is not to say that you can put in less than stellar work for "easier" categories (history or entertainment) and still get traffic.  Anything you write should be the best out there on that particular topic.  We've started saying around the office that if you were to do a search for the topic you are writing about and you don't think your piece is better than everything else you see there, you need to work on it more.

If you want to talk about this or have questions, here's the forum topic.

Anyways, keep up the great work everyone!

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