Hey Guys,

Thought I'd give everyone a heads up, we've changed how articles track viewers. There was a lot of confusion when comparing our view numbers with the numbers on Adsense or Analytics, so we came up with a new system to record article views. Here's how it used to be and how it is now:


Any and all views of the page increased the view count.

  • This meant that if a search engine bot looked at your article (which happens quite a bit) or someone refreshed the page a bunch or a viewer stopped or left the page before the article finished loading, your article view count would go up by one.


Only viewers with Javascript enabled increase your view count.

  • This keeps out the bots.

Only one view is counter per IP (essentially per computer) every 12 hours.

  • This will remove the refreshing issue.

The view is counted much later in the article load.

  • This should cut down on the partial loads increasing your view count