As some people are aware, Google is beginning to crack down on content they believe to be low quality. As a result we are going to start being more strict on what we consider quality content.

Moving forward all content published on InfoBarrel must be high quality and must provide actual value to the user. Articles created to be doorway pages for search engine optimization will not be published. A contextual link within an article that provides value to the reader is not a problem, however an article that talks about "Tips for purchasing pink rugs" that rambles on common sense about pink rugs and fails to deliver on it's title will no longer be accepted.

Our goal is to create a very high quality database of content that is helpful to people of all walks of life.

If you come across an article that appears to be a doorway page for SEO, please flag it so we can keep this place the best place to publish content.

We are not planning on doing any mass deletes, or anything along those lines, however if one of your articles becomes flagged we will send you an email with the article in question and ask you to resolve the issue within a reasonable time frame.

For more information on what Google considers a doorway page, please see the following page: