Hey guys,

Today Google announced that it is going to start utilizing the authorship markup to identify author bio pages.  (read more about it here)  What this does is identifies who the author is for every article written on the site and shows Google (and other engines that utilize this) where it can find that author's bio page.  This should help author's who write quality content build up their own reputation in the search engines, which should increase the rankings for more of that author's content.

Another thing you can do with authorship is identify other sites or bio pages that are about you.  By including the tag rel="me" in any links to pages about you, you are identifying those pages as about you.  For example, if you have a personal blog and you link to it from your about me here on InfoBarrel with the rel="me" attribute set, Google will now understand that this site or page is also about you and use it to build your Authorship profile.

We've implemented this on all your article pages already so that they now identify to your bio page.  If you have any blogs or profiles on other sites, we suggest you add the rel="me" attribute to any links that you have that cross link your bios.