It has been a few months since we last featured a member for their successes on InfoBarrel. It is something we'd like to do a little more frequently, so if you think you'd be a good candidate for a success story feel free to send us an email!

In this edition of InfoBarrel success stories we are featuring long time member Travis_Aitch.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’m 24 years old, and I have a 5-year-old son who’s about to turn 6 in August. He is my little buddy and he looks just like me. Smart little guy too, he has an amazing vocabulary for his age. I work in a factory 6-7 days a week where we produce welding wire. It’s a pretty laid back job, but the inside temperature in the summer is usually at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit and we are required to wear full-body suits and big full-face powered respirators. I enjoy working there because the company is world-renown and over the last 90 years they pretty much built the city I live in. Plus the pay is nice :-)

What do you do in your free time?

TravisIn my spare time I love to skateboard. I have been skateboarding for 10 years and I don’t have any plans to stop until my legs can’t take it anymore. It’s my favorite hobby and I love how it combines fear, concentration and skill all in one sport. In my opinion it’s the most difficult and most fun sport at the same time.

I also enjoy Mixed Martial Arts a lot and I am a huge UFC fan. From ages 8 to 18 I took a martial arts class that incorporated a lot of Taekwondo, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Kickboxing. My friends call me a human encyclopedia when it comes to MMA. I would love to take the sport up again but it’s pretty expensive and time-consuming. Maybe if this writing thing works out, one day you’ll see me in the UFC…if they ever have a 135-pound division anyway.

What originally got you started with InfoBarrel?

I started searching for ways to make extra money online last summer when my girlfriend and I found out we were expecting. I wanted to save up a bunch of money before the baby was born so I wouldn’t be in a bad financial situation as I have been in the past. I started writing for eHow and Bukisa around October of 2009 I believe, but I didn’t like either of those sites for a laundry list of reasons. I started looking for a new place to write around December and eventually stumbled on an InfoBarrel vs. eHow type article and it convinced me to sign up.

Around Christmas, my girlfriend ended up having a miscarriage. My mom has always told me since I was a kid that my writing will take me somewhere. In the back of my head, I still know that the pregnancy is what lead me to this world of options to make something of myself using my writing skills. As they say, everything happens for a reason, and apparently it wasn’t time for another baby yet, but maybe it’s time for me to find success doing something I’ve always loved, and make mom proud in the process. (it’s working so far).

Have you ever tried your hand at any other forms of online business? If so what and how did that go for you?
When I was 19, I was obsessed with trying to make money online. The only problem was that I was not only extremely desperate, but also far too naïve to find success. I got caught up in AdWords campaigns that lost me money. I tried other advertising schemes through Overture, only to find out soon after they were under a class-action lawsuit. I tried doing surveys all the time, but that got me nothing partly because of my demographic, but mostly because they are a scam. I also tried making a website about spotting “make money online” scams and littered it with AdSense blocks and clickbank links, but I didn’t know what I was doing back then and I eventually gave up on it when I realized I couldn‘t drive traffic to a topic that competitive.

What kind of success are you currently seeing with InfoBarrel? What is the most you've made in a month?

I have seen quite a bit of success on InfoBarrel in a wide variety of aspects. It’s not even just about the money, either. I was thinking about it the other day, and I realized I have had a lot of success on this website. As of the date of this interview, in the 7 months I’ve been a member here, I have:

- Earned $282 from AdSense
- Earned $35 from Chitika
- Earned $22 from Amazon
- Won 2 contests for $200 in Amazon Gift Cards
- Had 3 Featured Articles on the Front Page
- Currently #3 on the Top 100 list for Achievement Points
- Currently #2 on the Top 100 list for Forum Posts

My best month was in May where I made a total of $115 between AdSense, Chitika, and Amazon. This was also my least active month so far, so the earnings are that much more rewarding for me.

If you could give some advice to new writers, what would it be?

The best advice I can give a new writer is to not get discouraged. I think this is by far the most important thing new writers need to keep in mind. You can’t expect to get rich quick doing this kind of work. Sure, it does happen for some people, but that’s the exception, not the rule. You have to look at this as an investment. Each article you write is like a share of a hot stock. They may not make money today, but they can only get better with time. If you get discouraged, you’re likely to stop writing. If you stop writing, how can you expect to succeed? I have the skateboarding mentality when it comes to this. When I can’t land a skateboarding trick, I don’t quit skateboarding. I keep practicing it until I land it, even if I get hurt in the process. Basically, don’t give up on your goals, and don’t stress out about low earnings. Hard work always pays off in the end.

What are your future goals with InfoBarrel?

My ultimate goal is to be able to make about $1,000 per month consistently, but I would be ecstatic with even $300-$500 per month. I also plan on continuing to help out new members in the forum and answer as many questions as I can to help our community grow even more and make sure the newbies have an enjoyable experience on this site.

I have set a personal goal to get at least 500 articles published before the end of the year, and I still think it’s very attainable. The more articles I write, the more money I make. The more money I make, the less overtime I have to work. The less overtime I work, the more time I have to write; so it’s a pretty nice cycle I got going.

What article that you've written are you most proud of?

This is a hard one. I can’t decide between my article on the Origins of the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs, and my article on the Top 10 UFC Prospects of 2009 (1-10).

For the Easter one, I had a lot of fun writing it because I actually had no idea what the origins were beforehand. So it was an awesome learning experience for me. Plus, it was my first featured article, it got a ton of views, and it’s one of my highest rated articles.

The UFC article was the very first one I wrote for InfoBarrel. I like that one because I think I did a good job for the most part and so far the majority of my top picks are proving me right. I also spent a great deal of time and effort on that series, and I got a lot of positive comments on it here on InfoBarrel and also on a couple of MMA websites I shared the link to.

What is your favorite article on InfoBarrel (that is not yours)?

Oh wow, this one is really hard. Hmmm…I think it would have to be jcmayer777’s article entitled My InfoBarrel Experience. It was one of the first InfoBarrel articles I remember reading and it gave me a huge boost of motivation to take this seriously and really try to succeed. If that article didn't exist, it's very likely I wouldn't even be considered for a Success Story right now.