How to Promote Your Blog Today

If you are a blogger, you know how difficult it is to attract readers to your page. There are millions of blogs on the Internet. Thus, it’s only natural that people will be looking for the best. Unfortunately, the sheer number of blogs is so huge that yours can go unnoticed, even if it has excellent content. This means that you will need to use various tools to improve your blog’s visibility.

One of the most effective tools available to you is blog commenting. You aren’t the only blogger out there. Thus, commenting on other people’s blogs will attract the readers’ attention to your own. Adding a link to your comment might be a nice extra. 

Do You Really Need Comment on Other Blogs?

Although almost every blogging guide explicitly states that blog comments are essential for your personal success, some people still doubt if this method is necessary. They spread their ideas and make many beginner bloggers rather confused. However, doing some simple research will prove that blog commenting is really efficient. In fact, it’s seen as such a useful tool that some people actually buy blog comments to improve their chances of attracting more traffic.

There are some specialists that offer comment-writing services for a small fee. Thus, if you aren’t sure that your own comments will be impressive enough to give the needed result, you can hire one of these authors to do this in your stead. Don’t forget that the quality of the comment is the thing that determines its efficiency. Thus, this investment should pay off.

To make it easier to understand why exactly writing blog comments is so important, look at the following list:

  1. Building a link from a blog that’s based on topics like yours means that you will attract a specialized audience. These people are looking for information on some particular subject. Thus, they will be more inclined to follow the link that can take them to a resource relevant to them.
  2. Your comment is the first impression you make on your potential readers. This is a kind of small presentation that will tell them whether you are interesting enough to bother reading your blog. Thus, you can impress your prospective audience by your witty and relevant comments.
  3. Blog comments allow you to set up relationships with other bloggers. You are together in this business, and you aren’t technically “rivals” because this field is vast enough to accommodate many bloggers. This means that it’s better to have your colleagues as friends than enemies.

Writing Blog Comments: How To

If you choose to write blog comments yourself, you will need to consider many things.

  • A good blog comment should add to the post. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with the subject. You should base your opinion on something other than “because I said so”. To write a good comment, you should word your opinion correctly and explain the reasons behind it without insulting the blogger.
  • Blog comments need to be concise and small. However, not overtly small. Don’t forget that you are writing a comment that should motivate people to visit your own blog. This means that phrases, like “nice post” won’t do. Not using excess words means that you should only write close to the point, and your point is to tell whether you agree or disagree with the author and list the reasons behind your choice.
  • Write in a way that will engage your fellow blogger in a conversation. If you do some reading on the subject, you will learn the tricks that will motivate the author to reply to your comment.
  • Always address the author of the article by name. This will add some personal connection that the Internet is usually lacking.

Things to Avoid When Commenting Blogs:

  • Never post an empty comment without reading the post and analyzing it. This will be pointless and an insult to the author. Bear in mind that the person that wrote the article will see whether you read it or not. This means that they will be able to show you in a bad light if you start spamming their comments with your links.
  • Don’t flame, criticize, or insult your fellow blogger straight away, even if you don’t agree with their opinion. Unless they are promoting something illegal (in this case, this will be a crime and you may report it), they have the same rights that you do. This means that they can write whatever they believe in. Thus, you should respect their rights and express your opinion on this subject in a civilized manner.
  • Don’t make mistakes. If your English is really bad, it’s best to just buy blog comments. Every misspelling and grammar mistake will take points away from you. Even if you write a good comment, poor English can make it unreadable. Always proofread your comments before posting.

Blog commenting is something that anyone can master with a bit of practice and research. Thus, you should try it if you want to promote your blog.