Blog Name Ideas: Is Choosing a Clever Name that Important?

You want to be the next big thing in blogging and you think choosing the best name for your blog will send it into the stratosphere. That might be the case but is it that important to get your blog name right? Are there are rules to follow when choosing a name for your blog?

Getting it wrong

There are times you want to take advantage of a great popular brand for your niche. You might reason that it will make your blog popular by association. That might be true but it is not a good way to choose.. For example, if you choose something like You might be free to register that site but be rest assured that Amazon will ask you to tear down your site. You can also try registering a blog name like That also will not work. You will probably get away with it for a while until the mighty Facebook descends on you. Don’t include popular company brands in your blog name registration.

Ideas for blog names are plentiful but you will find out that the more obvious ones are all gone. Before Google became a household name, would you have been able to relate that name to a Search engine? Facebook could also have been called FaceMe or FaceAnything. The point is, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters most when looking for ideas for your web identification is to make sure people will be able to easily remember it. Examine the following names, Cisco, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Linux, XFactor, BBC, CNN, etc. What do you see from the list? These are simple names and that is what you should also aim to achieve. Your branding should be simple and easy.

 Blog name generators

If you don’t know what name to choose for your blog, you can opt to see what is on offer during your domain name registration. You need to be careful with some of these name generators or domain name generators. Some have been found to register the names you put forward if you don’t do it the same day. The next day, the name will become unavailable because someone else registered it.

Choosing a blog name doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience. If you need a one, why not run it through some friends and see what type of silly ideas they can come up with. The name of your blog doesn’t have to fit directly with what you want to put on your blog. It is true that Google takes the domain name and the URL into consideration. That said, you can still do well with  choosing random title that you like.

Some people try to find clever blog names or funny blog names. It will not drive traffic to your site just because people think it is funny of clever. What matters most will be the content of your blog.

Most people want to get it right when they register a name. That is because it can be hard to change the chosen one once it is registered. You will have to begin the whole process all over again. Even if you feel you got the name wrong, it will grow on you.

What is the best way to choose a blog name? There isn’t!