Blogs are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Blogs are a great way to get out there and showcase your opinion. Blogs are also a free and affordable way to promote your services and business. Of course, to get traffic to your blog, you will need to promote it. Here are a few great tips for promoting your newly created blog.

You will find that promoting your blog is often simple and affordable. Usually it doesn't require any more than some time and some creativity. There are many different strategies that can be used for effective blog promotion. Some methods of blog promotion aren't ethical, so steer clear of these methods.

Promote to Friends, Family and Associates
Your friends and family are a great place to start spreading the word about your new blog. You probably have a email address book filled with contacts that you have carefully amassed over the years. When you are ready to start promoting your blog, create an email letting everyone know and send it out. You may be surprised by how many views you get out of this one simple act. If your friends enjoy the content found on your blog, they may even refer you to others which will help our blog to keep on growing. Remember that word of mouth is a great way to help your blog to grow and your friends and family are a great place to start spreading the word.

Social Media is Your Friend
Social media websites are one of the easiest ways to start promoting your blog. All you have to do is create a clever line or two about the latest post and post it to your various accounts. You will quickly find that if your content is interesting, people will come. Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others to get started. There are so many social media sites out there and promoting your blog on them really can work if you do it right. Don't be afraid of using social media as your primary tool in blog promotion.

Put it Out There
Bookmarking on various sites like Delicious is another great way to drive traffic to your site. Remember that you can't post every post here so be sure to choose your very best. Once they have been posted, it is very likely that someone will find them and this could lead to a new blog reader or two. StumbledUpon is another great social bookmarking site to use. These sites are often used by blog readers to post their favorites, but if your posts are good, it won't really matter where they came from.

These are just a few of the many possibilities out there for blog promotion. Get started by trying a few of these and then move on to some others when you have a little more experience. You can also submit your blog to high quality directories which will help get it more exposure as well. These ideas are by far the easiest and the quickest way to get results. If your blog is filled with quality content, then using a few of these methods may be all it takes to really get it moving.