The worldwide web today is full of blogs, forums and websites run by all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons. Blogs are a great way for musicians, artists, writers, and freelancers to state their opinions, share their views and information, and promote their services.

With the creation of blog software, or weblog software, a content management system can actually update and run your blog for you. These applications can promote the editing, authoring and publishing of your blogs contents and the comments it receives. This software will either come along with your hosting and management system, or you may have to purchase or download it separately. Either way, it can be a great and easy way to keep your blogs up to date. This can be especially true if you have numerous blogs you and running and maintaining.

Your software can also integrate RSS feeds into your blog. This is a way the software can keep a record of your content and the changes made to it. With all these features is it better to use this software rather than manually updating your blog? The answer to that unfortunately isn't a simple yes or no because it ultimately depends on the type of blog you are running and how often you update and change it. Larger blogs that are updated continuously benefit much more from this software than that of a smaller local music blog, for example.

You also need to realize that using these online management systems and software can also expose you to potential security risks from online scripts. In fact, having a built in CMS system can increase your risk for security threats.

Another disadvantage to the software and CMS systems is that your website or blog will be completely unavailable to everyone during upgrades. If your system can perform quick upgrades this may not cause a problem, but for those who have slower operating systems you may be faced with a dilemma.

One of the biggest things you have to realize is that with using the software, any mistakes you make are immediately live on the internet. At least when you are manually maintaining your website, you are able to proofread and catch mistakes before you publish.

Both manual and software options can be great for the right blogs so be sure to research how each one of them can benefit your blog the best!