Blog tips can make your life a lot easier. Even if you've been around for a while there probably are a lot of features in your blogging software that you didn't know about. This can make your life a lot easier as well as increase the function of your blog. Here are a few blog tips for the beginner or expert.

One of the first things that you want to do when you setup a blog is to implement some sort of spam catching feature. If you use Blogger software this means that you want to institute a captcha feature. Users will have to ensure specific letters before they can post a comment. This will really help you cut down on spam. You can also set it so that only people with certain accounts can comment on your blog. With Wordpress blogging software there is a lot of different spam plug-ins for you to choose from. You want to make sure that whatever spam solution you come up with is effective enough to keep out spam but also allow real commenters to make a mark on your blog. You'll probably want to empty your spam folder a few times a week and make sure that none of your regular comments are getting sent to spam.

Remember that not only is it your blog a lot of people from all around the world will be visiting your blog. It can be helpful to download several different browsers. This gives you the opportunity to look at your blog through a lot of different eyes. Some ad services will even terminate you if their ads are cut off, so you want to make sure that your ads are displaying properly in all browsers.

One of the most difficult parts of blogging is actually getting people to show up. You need to give them a reason to visit your blog out of all the other blogs in the world. An easy way to do this is just by helping your fellow blogging friends out. You can do this by displaying the last few comments that have been made in your sidebar using a plug-in. You can also display who is following you on Blogger. Another option is to remove the nofollow tag from your comment. Nofollow means that the link isn't counted by search engines and is often the default for most pieces of blogging software. If you decide to remove this you want to make sure that you really have some sort of comment policy so that spammers don't get a free link from you.

Stay motivated. This doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge but can be one of the most difficult parts of blogging. You may have unrealistic expectations when you first start. You may have dreams of lying on the deck of a yacht and just writing a few blog posts a day. When you find out that you aren't making any money and you don't even have any visitors this can be a harsh wake-up call. Instead, keep your eye on the prize. This doesn't mean that someday you won't be able to live off your blogging earnings. However, work in small steps like having blogging pay your utility bills or possibly take on a new car payment. Blog tips can make your life easier.