A blog tutorial can help you make your dreams of working from home, or working for yourself come true. You might just want an online journal where you can meet new people and share your thoughts. You don't need a lot of technical know how to get started, you just need a little bit of drive and creativity.

There are a few basic technical skills that you'll need to know when blogging. The first one is how to make a link. If you are using a "What You See is What You Get" editor you can just highlight the word that you want to become a link. Then you can click on the link icon and input the hyperlink. If you are linking to your own content or want to help someone else build links make sure that you link to them using a keyword or description instead of just saying "click here". This also makes it easier for your readers because then they can decide whether or not they want to follow the link.

When you start a blog you probably want to give it a custom look. There are a lot of web design services that can do this for you, but this can be expensive and take a little bit of time. Instead, you can just customize your template yourself to get a unique look. This is important because on free blogging services there are usually just less than a dozen templates available. This means that you might have the exact same format as millions of other users. An easy way around this is to just create a custom header. You can do this with a photograph, or with an interesting pattern. The title and subtitle of your blog will usually show up on most blogging platforms. In this case you just need to give it a basic background or a frame really pops. This can turn into a new graphic design hobby for you or just gives you a little bit of a chance to flex your creative muscle.

You can get a lot of function out of your blog with just a little coding knowledge. Look for widgets or gadgets depending on your blogging software. These are easy additions which will give your blog a lot more functionality. You can set up your archives or add in things into your sidebar without coding. The software can usually do a lot of work for you so you don't have to venture into the programming or coding world right at the start. It's just a matter of knowing its limitations as well as everything that it can do so you can make the most of your blogging experience.

A lot of beginners wonder "What should I blog about?" There are blogs about everything under the sun. You could blog about your favorite hobby, medical trials, or try your hand at a money making niche website. If you want to monetize your blog it's important to do a little research beforehand. You can lookup keywords to decide which ones you will easily be able to rank for. This will give you direction in everything that you should write about and your domain name.