Want to get the word out.. start a blog!

Blogs are a great way to keep in touch or spread news about things that are going on in your life. If you don't think you could create one, then think again! It has become so much easier to start a blog now. There are great sites such as blogger.com, that help you with every step. Just read the simple instructions for setting up a blog and you are up and running in minutes! Start a blog with something you are familiar about. Something you could keep writing about in your posts.. Here are some ideas:


If you are new parents, and you have relatives spread out across the country, then a blog can be a great way to show off your baby pictures and posts about your new family life. This is way better than repeating it a hundred times in phone calls, and trying to send everyone a copy of the latest baby pictures in the mail.


If you have just started a new business, and want to get the word out, you could start a blog about your business, and show any new product lines, or if you create things to sell, such as crafts, you could show your latest lines of crafts or what craft shows you will be at next.

If you sell at trade shows, or craft shows, you could have a sign up list for your blog, and send the link out to them. Post any news about your business, and pictures if you can. People love pictures!


If you are planning an extended vacation, then set up a blog before you go, and hit the internet cafe or take your laptop and post when you can from your vacation destination, and make sure to include pictures.

A senior friend of mine was heading to Texas this winter, and was concerned about keeping in touch, and didn't want the expense of phone calls. Most of his friends had a computer, so I suggested starting a blog. I showed him blogger.com, and within minutes he was familiar with it, and got it started before he left. He gave it a catchy title, and sent the link to all his friends in his email address book.

As his winter holiday progressed, he would post about different things he had seen and done, and added pictures from his digital camera. This way he could let everyone know how he was doing and what he was up to. His friends became followers and looked forward to his posts.


A blog is such a great concept, as you can do all of the above, and also make money from it too! You can make money from adsense ads you put on the site. Blogger is very adsense friendly, and has great templates for your posts and the ads, that look professional.

You can also recommend ebooks or other products that relate to your blog and make money from affiliate income.

The best way to make money with a blog, is to keep adding posts, and try to pick a particular niche, that you are familiar with and could write a lot of posts with.

Try and come up with some titles ahead of time for various ideas you have for posts. Then make sure to include the main key word for your post in your title as well as your post so that it can be found in searches. Then grab a title and write something!