Before starting a blog, there are a few steps, ideas and plans to keep the blog going into the future. These are things that should be considered before the blog even reaches the internet. Before you even start creating the blog, keep these tips in mind.


whether you are creating content for personal fulfillment, to make money or a combination of both, you need to create large amounts of content to keep your readers informed, delighted or entertained. A blog with only one or two entries will not keep readers coming back for more. There must be a lot of content to keep the reader engaged in your blog. You want readers to become loyal fans of your blog, so they will keep coming back to you for more information or entertainment.

Passion for the topic

Think about what topics will create the most content. The topic must be engaging for you as well as for the reader. You are not going to stick with a topic that does not inflame your own passion. If you are passionate about a hobby like painting, you should write about painting not about the flight patterns of Canadian geese. Writing about a topic that holds no interest for you just to make money is the surest way to get bored and abandon the blog.


It is not difficult to know how much of your personality to infuse into your blog. You want to be original and let your own voice shine through every blog entry. All of your personality and flair should come out into your blog. It is easier to keep the tone of the blog and relate to your readers when you are yourself, not trying to be someone else.


when you sit down to create your blog, you have a vision of hundreds of readers flocking to your blog. They will love your content so much that they will praise you and flood you with appreciation and attention. The fact is, that kind of reality might be months into the future. It might even take years to get that kind of following. You need to have realistic expectations of what you want from your blog.


before the blog goes live, be sure to have a plan in place to get readers to your blog. They are not going to get there by themselves. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on every topic imaginable. Yours may be unique because of your personality, tone and topic but readers still have to find you. Social media sites are the best way to get those readers that are interested in the same topic you write about on your blog. Join some forums and talk about your topic or expertise being sure to link back to your blog.


if you are writing for more than the joy of it, you should think about how you want to monetize your blog. There are a few different ways to do that, but the choice is up to you. You should research some ways other people have monetized their blogs. Find out whether you want links in the text or unobtrusive ads on the side of the blog.


Blog with Passion to Attract Readers