Blogger template design makes a huge difference in the bottom line of a blog. If you want your site to make more money you absolutely have to learn how to design your template optimally or at the very least hire the right person to do your template design. It's not hard to do yourself however, so don't feel it's out of your grasp before even trying. You may be surprised that the best blogger template design for monetization is actually very basic and nearly the default option in Google Blogger.

Blog Template Monetization

Before I go into the elements of setting up better blog template design for monetization let me say that if your goals are to be a social blogger more so than a financial blogger then you should follow a different guide. An essay on making your blog look more professional would be more appropriate for the socialite. For the professional blogger however you don't want the pretty aspects of template design to detract from the two things that make a difference on your site: content and monetization.

Your blog template design should be simple and fairly boring if you are looking to supplement your income or live on your online income. You are not catering to repeat visitors and readers you are catering to the web searcher who is looking for information. Your site offers information and related advertisements thus this is all you want your reader to see. Optimal blog template design for monetization will highlight only these two things and will make it easy for search engines to display your page for search queries.

Before you start working on your blog template design you should always backup your blogger blog template to a safe location just in case. You want little to no extra JS in your template design. You will want a descriptive header that isn't flashy or code heavy on top and your template design should feature your post content as early in the code as possible. You don't want the bots to have to read through 90 percent of your blogger template code to get to the content of the site. It should be quite high in the code.

You also want your template design to feature your advertisers in optimal locations. Usually placements where the ads float left or right of the content with the text wrapping around them work excellent. Every site is different however so do some testing. Almost universally better template design however requires the ads to blend into the template with background colors being the same as your site as well as link colors. Larger units are usually better for monetization but again this is case specific so do your own testing.

The best Blogger template design for monetization pretty much stops there. It's hard to believe but extra design features such as coloring, decorative labeling, boarders, and graphic design take emphasis off of the content on monetization and thus they are counterintuitive to your goals. Default templates are close to perfect as many of the decorative design elements are missing. They will have to be tweaked however to place monetization code where appropriate and to eliminate decorative features that are unwanted.

Blogger template design for monetization is quire simple but it does require a little know-how. The content and SEO process is a completely different beast but if you set up your template in a way to maximize monetization potential you will be off to a great start and better niche marketing. Give some thought to your goals and decide for yourself if you are in this for the financial rewards or for the social rewards and design your template as appropriate.