Blogger or Wordpress?

Which blogging software is best for a beginner who wants to create a blog for the first time? The top two choices for blogging are blogger and wordpress but which will you choose Google's well known Blogger or Wordpress, which is probably the most popular choice. Here are the pros and cons of both platforms to help you decide.

An Overview of Blogger

Google bought out Blogger several years ago and there is a certain security that comes with using something that is owned by google, in that you know blogger is not going to dissapear anytime soon. Blogger is often considered the beginners choice because it is so easy to set up and customize your blog but it can have disadvantages too. Because it is seen as a beginners blogging platform many people consider it to be the worst choice if your aim is to make money blogging.

This of course is just people's opinions, blogspot blogs are just as easily monetized as any other blog and since it is owned by google, adding things like adsense is made very simple for anyone unfamiliar with the process.

Blogger blogs can be set up in just three quick steps which makes it very easy to use and because it is free to use you can have as many free blogs as you like. For a beginner I personally think Blogger is a great way to get used to blogging and with widgets for adding followers, adsense, html images and videos and many other functions it is enough for a new blogger to get used to.

With Blogspot blogs you also have the option to upload a custom template and you can also alter the main html code, again a good introduction to working with a blog is having the option to do these things.

Appearance wise I personally think this is where blogger is slightly lacking, although there are many free templates available and many custom widgets you can install with easy, blogger blogs can tend to look untidy and cluttered.

Overall blogger is a good choice for someone who has never blogged before but in many cases it will only ever be a stepping stone to other platforms like wordpress. My advice for anyone starting out is to create a blogger blog, get used to all the different aspects of blogging and if you feel at any stage you are ready for more, you can always move to another platform. The experience will always count and your blog can still be of use to you, you dont have to delete it just because you are trying other things.


Firstly wordpress comes in two different forms, and

This has confused many people starting out and many people are unaware of the difference between the two. is a free hosted blogging platform, much like blogger but I would not recommend any beginner blogger start out with this version of wordpress, it is not as easy to set up and it is not a blog for making money with. Unlike blogger, does not allow you to use ads or affiliate programs on your blog, which makes it a poor choice unless you intend to just blog for fun, which is uncommon. Most people hope to gain some kind of financial return from their blogs and if so, do not start with a free hosted wordpress blog. Another thing about this wordpress option is that you cannot alter the css or html so you can be limited in how unique your blog can be. however is probably the nicest blogging software you can use today. It has an overall clean look and is very customizable, although not as easy to set up for a new blogger as blogspot. The difference with wordpress is that it is a self hosted blog, so there is an investment required on your part, blog hosting. Hosting your own blog means firstly that you must buy your own domain name and you must also purchase hosting.

If you want to set up your own hosted Wordpress blog but you have never done it before, or are not used to technical processes like using ftp clients etc then the hosting provider you choose is very important, if you choose a host that has c-panel functionality it will be very easy to add wordpress to your domain. In fact it features a one click install.

Either version of wordpress has a lot of features, the widgets and plugins give you a lot of control over the look and feel of your blog and although there are many things that you would need to learn that you wouldnt need to on blogspot, wordpress is still probably the most popular choice for anyone who has some experience with running and setting up a blog.

Your First Blog

For a first blog, I would recommend you to start with blogger and learn the ropes, I would definetly use blogger to test out a niche before I invested any money in a domain and hosting and only move to wordpress when you are familiar with all the aspects of starting a blog.