Bloggers Do It Naked

Bloggers do it naked is a title that probably caught your eye. You're here, so I'm assuming my approach to an introduction with only four words was a good one. Usually the article will stand on it's own and the main detriment to success is a lack of readers.

Accomplishing your goal of being a good writer and on line contributor can only be realized if you can get people to read your work. There are many different ways to advertise a blog or website. Some are better then others and some will actually hurt your efforts.

Most will learn the hard way by trial and error. Finding out what mistakes you've made can take years to recover from in the eyes of the search engines and your followers. You may have the best blog out there for your niche. It really won't matter if no one sees it. Ranking in search indexes must be a priority if your going to have any success at all.

Great content that is useful to the user and an asset to the Internet is the number one priority. Once we have a topic and some information answering questions about the topic, then we have something that people need. We begin to perform a service. Each post or tid-bit of code should add to that asset. Using this type of protocol for anything we post will make an accumulated effect over time that will increase the value of the body of information we are providing for our readers.

This accumulated body of knowledge now needs to be presented to the very people that need it. Getting the words in front of someone who is actually interested in reading them is obviously second only to amazingly relevant content.

One way I've found that is absolutely successful 100 percent of the time, is looking for other blogs or websites that are similar to my own content. Sometimes just by following a blog like this, the owner will see you following and then start to follow your blog. We all want to see what our competitors are up to so we naturally follow them.

Advertising on free classified sites is another way to gain readers. Not only do people get a link to your work but you also gain another incoming link for the search engines to see. This is another very important asset to gaining rank.

Search engines look at the incoming links to any on line content and the more people that link to your work, the more important the work will look. Quality of the link also matters. Getting a link from an obscure blog with two followers and one post every three months will not help your rankings. In fact, this kind of link can be bad for business. Get only quality links from highly ranked websites. The more you have linking back to your content, the higher their opinion will be of you over at the big G and the other search engine powers that matter.

Bookmark your work. Most people hate this part of the on-line writing business. Placing a link on other sites that allow bookmarks and comments is the number one way to increase your page views. Each time you post a bookmark somewhere, you give more readers a way to easily find your work. If you can gain two readers from each back link you make, then it was worth the time. Most sites can be understood in a few minutes. They make leaving a bookmark very easy. If you take an hour or two a week hundreds of bookmarks can be created.

These bookmarks are twofold, as they not only directly increase traffic, but they show up in the search rankings for the keywords you've added to your work. Sometimes the bookmark rankings will even rank higher then the actual content. This is OK, as long as it's getting them there then it's an asset. Also the search engine robots see another incoming link for each bookmark you leave and this could be the most important factor when bookmarking.

Your friends are a great asset to getting readers. They also can be great promoters if they like your work. Facebook and Twitter should be used, MySpace and Yahoo Connect. Use every single social network you belong to and encourage your friends within those networks to help you out and get the word out.

Banner exchanges can be used to help publicize a website or blog. People seem to think clicking a banner is easy. Direct line to what the banner promises. Text links are good but images and color grab the eye. There are many free sites on the Internet that will help you create an HTML banner or you can use any picture and just assign a hyperlink for the image. Either way a picture is worth a thousand words so they say. Using a banner instead of a text link has always shown better results for me.

Follow your site's ranking on Alexa and check it often. They also offer SEO services at Alexa and getting them to crawl your site often is good, because a lot of juice goes into this rank. Other websites will want to link to your work if you have a good rating with Alexa.

Monetize with multiple sources and test them all so you'll know what's working and what's a waste of time and valuable page space. Smaller banners and images will allow for more to fit naturally and the site will look less commercial. Try to keep your site well balanced between information for the reader and attempts to monetize your work. Two posts and twenty Google ads will not get more people to come to your site.

Make yourself available to your readers. Leave an email link close to the top of your work or provide an easy to use contact us form. Knowing the producer of the work is there to answer questions or provide advice can be a comfort to followers and readers. Everybody likes to know there's a human being behind the site and that they are taking care of business.

So when I say "Bloggers Do It Naked" I'm basically saying that we all just put ourselves out there. We go streaking across the Internet, yelling and screaming our message. Some will think we look good and some will say we're just looking for attention. Both will be correct and no matter what they think of us now, they read the work.