Times are changing. While in the past it might have only been possible to gain freedom of location by being something like a travel writer, more options are rapidly becoming available. One of these options is blogging.

Blogging could still probably be considered to be in its infancy as a full time profession. It is a very popular form of digital media, but in a lot of cases it doesn't seem to be thought of as much more than a hobby. Fortunately, the field itself is rapidly developing and more and more forms of monetization are becoming streamlined.

A first example of a method to make money online is with e-books. This is a wonderful example when compared to what was previously required to publish a book, because all someone really needs is his ideas and a method of publishing in PDF format. There are a number of different services online that allow the user to quickly sign up and set up the payment account and pricing information for the product. From there it is only a matter of listing the product on a website and finding a way to attract buyers. With enough hard work and enough traffic e-books can make a large amount of money with almost no initial investment.

Another way that money is made with blogs is through advertisements on the blog. In general, the money that these make is going to be proportional to the amount of traffic, or visitors, that come to the site. When you think about it, this is actually similar to what is practiced with traditional advertisements. A traditional advertisement uses physical space to attract advertisers who pay a certain fee to place their advertisement on the space. With these spaces, the more traffic that sees the ad, the more money it can command. With a digital space such as a blog, the more traffic that clicks onto the site everyday, the more money it can command.

For these reasons, blogging can be one of the greatest investments of time for someone who doesn't have the ability to invest money. A blog can be created about anything that the author is passionate about; a great example of this, and a topic that is becoming increasingly popular, is travel. By writing about a country that you are learning about or visiting, you create the perfect opportunity to record your knowledge and experiences for other.

One example of this is Japan. There are several different ways for someone to go about moving to Japan, but blogging about Japan offers the freedom to move about the country as desired. Considering how many amazing things can be seen, this is definitely a beneficial situation. One example of this (which is also the blog of the author) is Discover Japan Slowly. Whatever you decide to do, don't forget the almost infinite options available for earning a location free income in this day and age.