A blog that isn't updated isn't read. It's a simple fact. If you want to maintain readers and traffic to your blog, you must post regularly. This is why it's critical you have a niche that you can write about - a lot. You must always be able to find new angles to discuss and new topics to explore. But how does one do that?

Be passionate
The topic you choose should be a topic about which you are passionate. If you aren't very interested in the topic, you naturally won't have much to say about it. It would be like a computer programmer describing the color of a piece of limestone. Does he care about the limestone? No. Not one bit. Naturally, he won't have much to say about it. He would be better off writing about a new piece of software due out next month.

The rock would be a good topic for a geologist. The same is true with your topics. You need to insure that - whatever you choose - you are able and willing to write well about the topic and write frequently.

Check other blogs
As I have stated previously, it's often a good idea to check what your competitors are posting. Learn from them. Are their posts popular or do they not seem to be getting much traffic?

Many bloggers will even be willing to talk to you about your site and perhaps be willing to exchange links. Blogging doesn't have to be a solitary game. As blogging is a big part of the Web 2.0 revolution, and Web 2.0 involves the community, blogging is certainly a community concept.

Use Google Trends
Google Trends is a great tool to use. It allows the user to easily spot popular topics by looking at search data for given words and phrases. If your blog is about technology and "iPhone jailbreak" is a popular search term, it may be a good idea to write about iPhone jailbreaking. This is only an example, of course. Find topics that are relevant to your blog. Pick topics that interest you. Remember, a popular topic won't help you much if you aren't interested enough to write about it.

Read industry news
Whatever your niche, it's important to stay up to date on the news in your field. When writing about technology, for example, keep up to date about tech news. What new advances are being made? How will this impact you and your readers? These are good things to consider.

Post frequently
Google loves constantly updated websites. It's just a fact of search engine life. Keep posting to your blog at least every few days. Keep the content of the page fresh. Never let the blog sit more than a week or two without an update. If you do, you will see a huge dip in your search engine rankings - and more importantly, in your traffic.

Remember though, posting frequently must not come at the expense of quality. Make sure you put sufficient time and effort into the blog post to keep it worth reading.