Blogging for Money

Paid Blogging

In simple definition, blogging is writing on a blog. A blog is an online creation, coined from the term “web log” containing writings and related entries. Whereas, blogging sites maintain a regular chronicle of information showcasing a series of journal-type annotations called ‘articles’ or ‘posts’  and links to articles on other web sites, usually written and recorded in reverse chronological order.

Blogging can be any commentary from personal accounts to complex subjects and can focus from a single topic to a wide array of themes with relative substances. Blogging can focus on any particular subject, such as politics, arts, sports events, modern technology, etc. Some are more diverse, attaching links to all types of other web sites while some blogs can be more like personal diaries, relating the author's lifestyle and ideas. Most blogs are interactive, allowing readers to leave comments or links referring to one another’s blogs and creating cross-communications between sites and eventually resulting into interplay of blogs focused on particular interests, themes or topics.

In the earlier blogs, blogging was done like online diaries where articles were meant to inform, entertain or teach avid readers on just about any topic that the “blogger” or writer may fancy. Today, blogging has become a tool for the online way of life and has become a big money making vehicle since the rapid surge of the Internet technology paved the way for big business groups to create web sites for advertising purposes. Other than written articles, blogging now include uploading images, audio visuals, creating e-books, and all other forms of advertising media.

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Blogging for Money

Earning money from blogs is fast becoming a trend as many bloggers and business groups join the fast paced world of virtual advertising. The demand for writers and web masters to maintain “web logs” lead to greater opportunities to make money blogging. There are many ways by which this can be achieved. It is just a matter of choosing the right blog site to suit your particular interests as well as targeted readers. After all, money is not everything to a genuine writer who writes for passion and the love for the art.


A broadcast medium in the style of blogging that is now becoming a popular money making venue is microblogging. Microblog content requires minimal substance, usually consisting of short sentences, solo images or audiovisual links, to promote commercial products, trades, websites and affiliated servicesPopular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo Pulse, Google Buzz, etc., employ this in the form of status updates.

Blogging - Development towards Mainstream Popularity 

Blogging as a whole quickly gained popularity when the first hosted tools emerged in the late 1990s such as the Open Diary by Bruce Ableson in, Brad Fitzpatrick’s LiveJournal, and Diaryland by Andrew Smales and the more popular formerly owned by Meg Hourihan and Evan Williams (Pyra Labs) and later purchased by Google.

Since then, blogging services grew by the numbers, some of which host personal blog space like WordPress and Tumblr. Blogs broke into mainstream popularity and gained credibility as an alternative media when its role in disseminating breaking news stories brought impact to political candidates, political consultants, news services and governments.

Business Blogging 

There are also free platforms for small business bloggers like Wetpaint and Weebly. Business blogging for small enterprising business has been playing an important role in promoting a business. Sites like WordPress are also perfect platforms to use not only for personal purpose but also for business as they host free server space and blog software with widgets, templates and common plug-ins.

Anonymous Blogging 

To the unversed in the way of online writing, starting a blog can be overwhelming or scary and if you are one who feels this way, practice anonymous blogging. An anonymous blog is more like writing for one’s self. Separating your true identity from your blog identity can allow you to write more freely and at ease. Register a different e-mail address and set up social networking sites subscriptions. Be aware though that this is not a ticket to writing anything that can bring you headaches at the end of the day. Think about what you write carefully and think ten times more before posting it to online. You cannot remain anonymous forever. Somehow, somewhere out there, somebody is bound to find and expose you. Better be safe than sorry or do not blog at all.

Paid Blogging

Sponsored posts or paid blogs are blog entries such as reviews, opinions or feedbacks, normally containing a backlink to the web page and enhanced with keywords for search engine optimization. They became popular due to the development of a new online consumer generated advertising campaign.

Check out networks where you can get paid for blogging like,,,,, and many other sites who pay for product reviews, ads posts, and article content based on the advertiser’s blog concept. If you have a blog site, you can generate income when reviewing other websites. Different networks may have different terms and conditions for every transaction but generally, the process of subscribing to one is the same for all. Simply register, log in, look for advertisers or bloggers, negotiate a deal and deliver a done deal.

More Blogging Opportunities 

Other blog income generating opportunities are affiliate programs including recommendations on quality products, which is not so hard to do specifically if the products sell themselves and are of very high quality. Also, gaining a good share in the online blog market are e-books. Browse e-book sales, and you will be surprised to know that even the simplest of topics sells well. The latest trend in online blog money making hype is the continuity programs. It is a slowly growing site where you can earn repeatedly from people who subscribe to a service you have recommended. and Third Tribe Marketing membership sites generate a monthly income from thousands of members that they have as a part of their team. The list is endless and possibilities are limitless.

To conclude, blogging has paved the way for various opportunities. It had become synonymous to life and work online that you can genuinely say blogging is indeed a World Wide Web way of life.