Blogging for six figures a month - is it possible?

Is it possible to generate six figures a month by blogging? Yes, it is possible. Many online entrepreneurs or blog owners of blog like Perez Hilton, Timothy Sykes, Smashing Magazine, JohnChow and Early to Rise to name the few, are generating from five to six figure income a month and have proved that is it possible to be successful online and to live the internet lifestyle you have always dream of when you first started taking the journey of building or making money online.

Most of these online entrepreneurs or bloggers started without nothing and went on to build great blogs or websites that are generating a nice chunk of income for themselves a month.

So, have you been thinking of making money online, escape the rat race of 9 to 5 and start enjoying life the way you have always dream of?

Blogging can make that possible for you and you can live the internet lifestyle you have always dreamed of living. It does not require you to have thousands of dollars to start and most definitely not require much to maintain. What you only need is: a hobby and you must a have a passion of what you doing, the drive to do and the will to do it.

Now, let’s get to you setting up your first blog, grow it and start making money, I meant start generating that nice chunk of revenue a month.  

For the purpose of this article, I will use Zaks as an example. Zaks is very passionate about fishing and loves to go fishing every weekend with his friends. After sometime, Zaks decided to start a blog. But before he does that, he goes online and do a search for blogs that are related to fishing and top10 blogs that a huge and successful in the online world. He studies their business model, revenue model and investment strategy of those blogs. Now Zaks is ready and he starts a blog about fishing, name it: Fishing with friends on weekend, shop around for domain name for his blog to make it unique and to make his blog stand out. Now, he setup his blog domain name and called it “ or” because the name domain name “Fishing with friends” will be long.  Zaks setup a Wordpress blog and start writing 2 to 3 articles related to fishing, fishing with friends a day. He put Google adsense to his blog to start monetizing the blog. After a while, he used the money he generates from Google to signup with an email subscription tool to start collecting the emails of visitors from his blog.

He writes an eBook of about 20 pages about “How to Best fish with friends on weekend” and then gives it away for free to visitors who subscribe to his blog. Setup a podcast and start interviewing the fisherman in his town and contact the local stores selling fishing products to do a product review on his blog.

 In few weeks the list has grown and then he start writing his second eBook “How to Make Money Fishing”, set up a payment method and sell the eBook to his list. He then adds an audio book of his “How to Make Money Fishing” and automates the deliveries of those two products. He also starts writing articles for inforbarrel to further monetize his blog about his fishing. After couple of months he starts seeing the results and generates a nice income for himself.  Because Zaks want to make a living online and has proved that his “fishing blog” is a success, he then start another blog with his subject of interest and do the same way he did with the one he owns. 

Zaks can go on and on to build his online empire, starting small with a single blog and without spending huge capital.

To Your Success in blogging…