Many bloggers start blogging for the sake of making money.

Some bloggers start blogging to share information, thoughts and ideas.

They write eagerly for a few months, even updating the blog a few times a day.

However, a time will come when they feel sick of blogging. They run out of blogging idea and motivation.

This stage of blogging fatigue usually affects bloggers after the third month of blogging. It is rare to find a blogger who can last a whole year without blogging fatigue.

What can you do about it? How can you come out with blogging ideas?

1. Personal news

A blog is different from a business website in many ways. One of the reasons readers visit a blog is to know more about you.

You can write about yourself, and post some personal news. However, avoid too personal matters.

You do not have to write about your sickening boss and mention his name. You should not write about the quarrel with your husband too.

2. Photos

You can update some interesting photos to your blog.

When you write the captions for the photos, you can mention the background. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, uploading photos is a way to personalize your blog to the readers.

3. Read the forums

You can read the forums for interesting threads.

You can write a short post in your blog and direct the readers to the discussion thread.

4. Widen the niche

If your niche is too narrow, you will find that you run out of writing material soon.

You can widen the niche.

For example, instead of sticking to the niche of Red Tiger Oscar fish, you can widen the niche to include all Cichlids.

Similarly, you can widen the niche of Male Breast Cancer to include all forms of cancers.

A blog undergoes changes as it ages.

There is nothing wrong to widen a niche when you have an established readerbase.

5. Invite more bloggers

Most blogging platforms allow you to add more writers to write for the blogs.

You can invite more bloggers and writers to write for your blogs.

In order to encourage guest posting, you need to allow fellow bloggers to link to their blogs. It is best to make your blog a dofollow blog.

When you have more guest posts, you will find that your blog evolves into a more interactive platform.

6. Invite more comments

Many webmasters are using blog commenting method for getting backlinks to their websites.

You can allow dofollow blog comment links to encourage more comments.

When you have more comments in your blog, you will find that you can get away with shorter blog posts.

You can ask a question and keep the blog post in discussion style. The readers will add in their opinions, and you can reply to their comments.

That makes blogging more enjoyable.

7. Love your blog

Blogging is a passion. You cannot keep a blog for two or three years if you hate writing and getting readers.

All the famous bloggers are passionate about blogging. They keep on writing, even when they do not have readers.

If you check out their earlier blog posts, you can see that most blog posts do not have more than two comments.