Few page views? No comments? No followers? No clicks?

It is actually quite easy to lose motivation when blogging, especially before making any money at all. This post will give you some ideas about how to get your motivation back, at least not feel unmotivated or depressed with your blogs/articles/websites.

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Be Patient

Even successful bloggers did not start straight away with 10 000 daily page views. With so many blogs, so many bloggers, so many things to read, it is not so easy to get people to read your blogs, to make them keep coming to your blog. Patience and perseverance are required here.

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Don't Take It Personally

As someone said once, people don't care about how much money/time/effort is put in a project or how good the project is. The only thing they care about is whether they want/can use it. This was said about entrepreneurship and startup but it applies on websites/blogs as well.

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You may have written the best article ever on Jack Tramiel, used hundreds of hours on it, it does not mean that people will read it, be interested in it, or share it, because this subject does not interest everyone ("who is this guy?"). Does this mean you should only talk about sex and money? No, but don't let the statistics get you down. You may be doing a good job, simply your audience is not so wide. You can either continue writing on the subjects you like and not be bothered by the number of page views, followers ... or try to write on more popular topics.

Money, Money, Money

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Don't be obsessed with it. It is tempting to dream about making a lot of money through blogging, but remember that this is a hobby, at least for most people. How much money do you try to make when you go fishing with your son? How much money do you try to make when you play games? How much money do you try to make when watching TV? See, it is already nice to have a hobby that does not cost much (model cars anyone ?), or that can even be profitable.

Don't think: "I will make money by blogging", think: "I will blog, and maybe I will get a bit of money in the process".

Goal or No Goal?

This is actually up to you. Some people are more motivated if they set up some goals. For example, write 1 article/post/review per week for the next 4 months. Or, get one article on the first page result of google through SEO and other techniques. Or get 100 articles before the end of the year, ...

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Other people will simply write articles when the inspiration comes without any specific goals and probably without any stress either. 

You could try both and see which is best for you. The first one may be too much stress, the other one may be not motivational enough. 

Passive Income Is a Good Thing, or Is It Not?

People have been completely crazy about passive income and have been writing about it as if it was the best thing ever. Yes, passive income is good, in the sense you are going to get some money in the future even if you don't do anything for it. But that also means that this money is going to be spread over time, and this is a source of frustration. How happy would you be if you could get all this money now? But this is not what passive income is about. Maybe, there should be a warning when someone prays passive income: "it is so good, but only for those who can wait".

Some People Are Making So Much Money and I Don't Even Earn X Dollars a Day...

It is a bit ironic that when it comes to internet blogging, people compare income so much. Do you know how much money J.K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter is making? Do you care? So why would you care if some bloggers out there make more money than you?

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Yes, some people are skillful in making money, or their writing skills are better than others or they simply got lucky and their posts/blogs/books were published in the right place at the right time. Also, don't be too naïve to trust those scams on the internet that tell you about this person or that person who is now making 3000+ dollars a month with no previous writing skills. Even if this is not impossible, those scams are generally just telling you stories to make you buy their products (if they can get rich with their products, why would they bother selling them? And if even they, themselves, are not able to get rich with them, why would you?). Anyway, all this is to tell you to focus on you and only you. What you can earn, what you should earn, etc... Take people who earn money as a source of inspiration (what you should try to become/do) not as a source of despair (not yet there).

Time Is Your Friend

If you really have worked too hard with your blog and have not managed to get anywhere, you may just need some time...

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Some time to rest: maybe, you are simply too tired, having tried too hard and can't enjoy blogging now. Resting a bit may be just what you need.

Some time to get some more inspiration, more ideas,  more things that you want to share, talk about, feel the urge to express. The motivation will come with it.

Some time to think about all this again. Do you want more page views and don't mind writing on subjects more popular than the ones you are writing about now? Do you want on the contrary to talk more about what you really like and don't care about the page views? All this is up to you, so you will have to find out what you want by yourself.

Some time to follow the flow, see how things are evolving, see what the hot topics are and how they appear. And maybe one day you will happen to write exactly what people wants to read at the time they want to read it!

Ask For Help

If you feel you don't have the results you should, that you deserve more views because your blogs/articles/websites are good, you may want to ask for help. Asking friends don't always help because they are either not honest enough "yeah, yeah, your blog is the best I have ever seen!", or they don't know anything about blogging. So, who to ask? This is a bit tricky, but there are many forums on the internet and some are helpful. The forum here at infobarrel, for example, is good with skillful bloggers/writers sharing their experience and giving advice to those who want it. 

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That's It For Now

I hope this article was enjoyable and that you are more motivated now. If you are a writer at infobarrel and wants to talk more about it, don't hesitate to drop a message or leave a comment. If you are not a writer at infobarrel, please think about joining. It is free, people here won't bite, I promise and you can find some inspiration (through challenges, the featured article calendar, other writers, ...). Finally, a big thanks to FreeDigitalPhotos.net where I downloaded my photos for this article. This site is really good.