Blogs is the shortened version of the word weblogs. Blogs are user generated websites that are run by an individual or a team of people. Weblogs allow users from all over the internet to comment on blog posts. Blogs can be used as an online diary, photo journal or an online magazine. Blogs may document day to day life, research, or a specific product or company. Blogs can even be used as a resume or means to promote professional experience. Blogs can be kept for personal reasons or as a way to make money.

Blog posts can be a few words or a few thousand words. Blogs are indexed by regular search engines and the blogging community Technorati. Blogs usually come with a RSS feed. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". This feed can be put into a feed reader such as Bloglines or Google Reader allowing a user to subscribe to any blog updates. This lets readers track dozens or hundreds of blogs in a short period of time.

A person who blogs is called a blogger. The entire collection of blogs across the internet is known as the blogosphere. Splogs is a name for spam blogs, or blogs that don't contribute unique content. Someone who makes their living off their blogs is called a Problogger.

The author may host the blog on his own domain name or use a subdomain of a free blogging service. Wordpress and Google's Blogger are blogging software that is geared towards getting blogs setup in a matter of minutes with little technical knowledge. Blogs can look professional but are not always an accurate source of information.