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Blood and Glory is a new app from Glu. In this app review I will be taking a look at this fun and exiting game and give it my review. I will also show you cool tips and how to play the game.


Blood and Glory is a intense and difficult game made by Glu. The game is free to download on the android and apple marketplace. I am happy to say that this is one of the best games made by Glu I have ever played. In the game you start out as a gladiator who fights his way up to the top. You can buy different weapons and armor to enhance your gladiators fighting skills. This game has HD graphics and has realistic movements. The game currently has a 5 star rating in the android market and thousands of people have already downloaded this exiting game. In my opinion this game rivals Big Time Gangster in graphics quality. Blood and Glory has very few glitches and I am proud to say that in my hours and hours of playing the game has not once crashed on me. I never get stuck at places like I have been with the game Contract Killer. Blood and Glory is not a hard game to progress in. Unlike some of Glu's other games you dont need to spend actual money to get further in the game. Below is a bulleted list of all the things I like about Blood and Glory:


  • Great Graphics.
  • Free to download.
  • Few glitches.
  • Great game concept.
  • Easy to play .
  • New opponents and moves all the time.
  • Lots of unique ways to earn money in the game.
  • Fast paced and challenging.
  • Updated frequently


  • Takes a while to download updates.
  • Can get boring after playing the same thing over and over.
  • Limited ability to change certain settings.
  • Currently a limited number of weapons and tournaments to chose from.

How To Play Game

In Blood and Glory,  you start as a gladiator. By constantly entering and winning tournaments you earn money and prestige. In the game you can buy all sorts of weapons accessories and armor to enhance your gladiator. playing the game is very simple. All you do is battle other gladiators, earn money by doing so and buy things with the money. Most of your time playing the will be spent fighting with other gladiators. When fighting you can either doge,parry or use your shield to block an incoming attach. Once you do one of these things a certain number of times  you have the ability to attack your opponent. You can swipe your weapon in almost any way damaging your opponent. After a certain amount of time you have the ability to use a power up which automatically hits your opponent. In Blood and Glory you are constantly attacking or defending. When attacking you can use combos to male your attack damage higher. For instance by swiping up 3 times then down you cause a huge amount of damage to your opponent. To find combos simply go to the options tab and under combos section you will see the 3 different combos you can use.

         Like most games made by Glu, some things can only be bought using premium Glu credits which you get every time you advance a level or you get by buying/earning them. In Blood and Glory you do not need Glu credits to thrive and progress. By spending a lot of time in battles you can save enough money to get the equipment to progress in the game.

           In conclusion Blood and Glory is a pretty easy game to play. It is a lot of fun and with new gladiators in every tournament you will always find tons of surprises. Out of 5 stars I give this game a 5.


I currently have almost completed this game and over the hours I have spent playing Blood and Glory I have picked up a few tricks and tips. Below I have them bulleted.

  • Buy new equipment whenever you have enough money. Once you buy new equipment you can progress faster in the game.
  • When facing a gladiator with 2 swords try to parry often because then you can hit them more.
  • During a battle when your opponent is 1/2 way through their health the game stops and a clip is shown of the opponent getting knocked down and coming back up. Plan your boost attack so that you do them after this happens so you dont risk this happening in the middle of you doing a boost attack
  • Learn all of the combos fast, so that when you are in gameplay you know how to do them.

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