If you have ever gotten a blood stain on a piece of clothing or an area in the house then you know how hard it can be to remove them. Nothing is worse for the life of your clothing, well short of fire or outright destruction, than a offending blood stain. There are many methods that easily remove a blood stain from carpet or clothing. There are also several cheap products that can be found online that are perfect for blood stain removal.

If a blood stain is allowed to dry it can very easily become permanent. There are many pre-Columbian South American cultures that proved this. The Aztecs are infamous for their lust for human sacrifice. Some of their ruins still show this today. The blood of their victims has stained the rocks so badly that hundreds of years of rain and other weather has barely begun to remove the disgusting red marks all over their stone structures. The stains on blood covered ruins liter all of of South America. Fortunately, and partly thanks to the late great Billy Mays, we now have products that can remove blood stains without a hassle.

Hopefully your blood stains were acquired in a far less gruesome way. There are many ways that blood stains can be left on the carpet and furniture in your house. People in my family have been known to have bad sinus problems. This is increasingly apparent during dry parts of the year. The lack of humidity causes us to have nose bleeds fairly often. These can be quite severe and I have gotten blood all over the carpet on the way to the bathroom to find something to seal the leak in my nose.

Afterwards I am left with a huge mess that I must clean up. There are a few methods you can use for blood stain removal on carpet. One of the hardest, and the one I find myself doing all too often, is to simply get some household cleaner and spray down the area. Then you have to scrub like crazy before it begins to dry. Once blood dries it becomes significantly harder, if not impossible to clean up without special products. Another method you can use if the blood just doesn't seem to want to come up is take some hydrogen peroxide and put a small amount on the area of the stain. After it finishes bubbling you can try to clean it up again. I have been told that for significantly worse stains Oxyclean and some other products work great for removing them.