The mosquitoes this year have been horrendous in my area. When I go outside I'm lucky if I come back in with only a few bites. Over the past few weeks, I've been scratching these little critter bites like crazy and of course that has led to some soreness and eventually scab development. It sure felt good though when I was scratching ;-)

The other day I was downstairs in my home and was attempting to FAX some paperwork for my company. The FAX we have is rather "feisty" sometimes and usually I'm in front of the thing for quite a while just to get a single page sent. This time was no different and in fact I pulled up a chair because I knew I'd be there for a while. As I was sitting and FAXing away, I started scratching a few bites that were bothering me. I didn't think anything of it...until I was done.

I looked down as I was getting up from the chair and there it was. Blood all over our white carpet! Yikes! I had evidently scratched one of my small mosiquito bite scabs off by accident and my leg had been bleeding probably for a good 15 minutes uninhibited. The bad news is that the blood ran down my leg and pooled on the bottom of my bare feet and then as I was bee-boppin to the tunes on the radio I was leaving my blood stamped all over the floor in perfect symmetric heel prints. Oh boy I'm in trouble!

Fortunately my wife was gone and no one else was home. I went into major "cover my tracks" mode. I immediately ran to the laundry room to see if I could find some carpet cleaner or stain removal treatment for the carpet. Nope! None available. Then I checked the laundry cabinet. The only thing in there was a new laundry stain remover called OxyClean MaxForce. I had no other choice, I decided that if it was good enough to use on clothes, it might work on the carpet.

I'm going on record right now to tell you that this product by Oxy Clean, even though meant as a stain remover for clothes is the best product I could ever imagine for blood stain removal on my carpet. I followed the bottle's directions and sprayed on the solution liberally and let it sit for a few minutes. Then I used a clean damp cloth with cold water and just started dabbing the spot. Spray, dab, Spray dab. In 10 minutes the blood stains on my carpet were completely invisible. Amazing stuff.

OxyClean people....I owe you a beer. My wife never new about the secret blood stain removal project until I told her...a few days later :-) You can search online all you want for "remove blood stain" or any other term you want, but I'd highly recommend using OxyClean. It worked like magic. that I think about it, I'm going to try this product on my dress shirt that I had an ink pen explode in. Ink stain removal with OxyClean MaxForce might be just as successful. I'll keep you posted!