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Determining what your blood sugar normal levels range is can be very beneficial in helping you regulate your sugar intake and overall health more productively. While the actual numbers may vary depending on the individual person, the average range considered to contain healthy blood glucose readings can be invaluable to many people. This is especially true if you are a diabetic or have any conditions that will require you to take blood screenings periodically or daily. To provide you with a satisfactory answer to this question, some additional time will be spent in this article highlighting some major academic information pertaining to blood sugar.

To begin Fasting Blood Sugar Normal Range is generally considered to between 70 and 140mg/dL. This range is most likely to be found several hours after eating, because your body has utilized the new sugar content and reached a state of equilibrium again. Do you ever notice how you can feel more energetic after eating? This is directly related to having a positively out of balance body, and the state of feeling “neutral” is one of pure balance or equilibrium. Again, it should be highlighted that while this is the average range for most people, you may find that your own range is slightly different.

blood sugar(97410)Credit: google imagesAn alternative blood sugar normal levels range that you should consider is commonly found immediately after eating. A blood glucose level between 140 and 180mg/dL is generally found to be normal as people are adapting to the new sugars being infused into their blood stream and surrounding body segments. Within two hours you should expect these numbers to fall within a regular range, as the sugar is burned off or transformed into fat and muscle cells. After this period of time, some doctors may consider these numbers to make up high blood sugar levels. If your number is higher than 180mg/dL, you will likely need to seek additional treatments to regulate your blood glucose.

With these fancy numbers out of the way, understanding What Are the Normal Blood Glucose Levels for Women is fairly easy. After all, these numbers seem rather arbitrary and have no meaning until we provide context for them. Throughout the remainder of this article some time will be spent exploring what these numbers actually mean, as well as the resulting diseases and conditions that can arise from high or low blood glucose results. You should keep in mind that everything discussed in this article is found to be common knowledge, though your specific case may require professional attention specific to you alone.

After all, the blood sugar normal levels range can fluctuate based on a large variety of factors. As we already have discussed, these numbers instantly will fluctuate dependent on the food you are eating. Food naturally contains glucose. Whether you are eating candy or a low sugar meal, fluctuations will be found. Do not concern yourself too much with these numbers unless it is skyrocketing off the chart. However, you should also keep in mind that your blood sugar level may be higher or lower as a result of genetic and environmental factors. For example, African Americans on average have higher blood sugar levels.

The blood sugar normal levels range does not stop at race or ethnicity either. Your overall weight may influence how you metabolize sugar. Whether you store sugar as fat or muscle also plays a role. Even something that seems so simple, like your socioeconomic status, will play a huge part in determining your actual blood sugar results. The reality is that human beings are a very diverse species of animal, and while there may be norms across a large population; the numbers constantly ebb and flow dependent on so many variables. I am sure you could think of even more reasons why your own blood sugar levels may be too low or too high as well.