Throw a Blue's Clues birthday party for your little one who can't get enough of the cute little dog. Blue's Clues premiered in 1996 and continued production until 2006. The combination live action/cartoon continues to air on Nickelodeon, aimed at providing educational entertainment for preschool aged children. There's no better way to get your child excited about his birthday than to throw a themed party based on something he loves. Invite a group of young ones over and watch their faces light up with delight when they see your house decked out in items from their favorite cartoon show.

Blue's Clues Face Painting

Hire a face painter or get an artistically-inclined friend to come over to offer this service to the young party guests. Draw a picture of several Blue's Clues related things on a piece of paper. Let each guest select what picture she wants on her face. Things like a blue paw print, the smiling mailbox, the salt and pepper family or the faces of Blue or Magenta all make potential objects. Look at Nickelodeon's website to find pictures of the characters to model the face painting after.

Blue's Clues Party Games

No Blue's Clues party is complete without games. Make a Blue's Clues version of pin the tail-on-the-donkey by choosing one of the show's main characters. You could have pin the spot on Blue or Magenta, pin the stripes on Steve's shirt or Periwinkle the cat or pin the hands on Tickety Tock the clock. A Blue's Clues Pull Pinata provides another challenge for the guests. Just be sure to hang it low enough for little arms to reach. Remove any breakable objects from the area as well.

Blue's Clues Party Food Ideas

There are many opportunities to incorporate Blue's Clues themed food items into the birthday party. For a healthy treat that you can either make beforehand or allow each party guest to create, make Blue's banana pops. Place a half of a peeled banana onto a stick. Dip the stick into flavored yogurt that's been dyed blue. Set a table full of toppings like granola, chopped peanuts, chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles. Roll the yogurt-coated banana in the topping of choice and enjoy! Other party food ideas include pizza shaped like Blue's head and cookies decorated like different characters from the show. Use dog bowls and fill with finger foods for a cute effect.

Blue's Clues Birthday Cake Ideas

While a 3D cake in the shape of Blue would be quite impressive, it might not always be an option. If you have the budget to get a custom cake, talk to your local baker. A standard cake decorated with pictures of Blue's Clues character may prove to be an easier option. Add a Blue's Clues birthday candle to give your little birthday boy or girl something to really get excited about when it comes time to present the cake.

Blue's Clues Decorations

Set the scene for the Blue's Clues birthday party as soon as your guests arrive. Draw giant blue dog paw prints leading up the walkway to your house. Make balloon versions of Blue by inflating a light blue rubber balloon. Draw on his spots and face using a dark blue marker and attach ears cut from construction paper. Hang several of these throughout the party area along with character cut-outs and blue streamers.