Blue Apron review

Keep in mind I am a tad lazy

Some friends recently bought us a two-week subscription to Blue Apron, which consisted of two shipments of three complete meals each. As a Tired Girl I was thrilled with the idea of food ready to serve, arriving at my home.

The first week’s shipment was delivered in a neat box, with ice packs. The items were beautiful and interesting, and things I hadn’t heard of before, and looked fun, and also looked very far from being ready to serve. 

"I thought the meals were supposed to be ready to go," I complained to no one, because this was such a nice gift and I am clearly so sloth-like about dinner, and no one actually told me they were pre-prepared in anyway.

The meals did seem to come with everything - score 1 point Blue Apron. I stashed the lacinato kale, cracked freekeh, and all the other new words and food knick knacks in the fridge and reviewed the recipes.

As a Tired Girl I have been known to make a whole meal from a spoon and a cookie sheet, and I put foil on the cookie sheet, so I only had to wash the spoon. These recipes looked like they used every bowl in the whole house. 1 point deduction Blue Apron.

The first recipe I tried was “Crispy Catfish and Cracked Freekeh.” I actually went to Publix and bought three more catfish filets, because I thought if I am going to all this trouble I want enough to actually fill us up. The two pieces of catfish included in the kit seemed like enough for a light snack. 1 point deduction Blue Apron.

That Sunday afternoon I whipped up the recipe, and by whipped up I really mean: tore my whole kitchen apart, may have cussed a little, spent a significant amount of time on it and may have missed a few steps in the recipe. 15-25 minutes was the quoted cooking time and that was probably true, but an hour* clean-up was also true. When a meal takes longer to clean up then it did to eat and enjoy it I feel there is a great injustice. 1 point deduction Blue Apron.

BUT then my husband and I tasted the “Crispy Catfish and Cracked Freekeh,” and it was delicious!! Not delicious like you are supposed to say fish is delicious because that’s what smart people eat, but delicious like gobbled it all up. The combination of flavors and the preparation of the fish was just wonderful. We decided that Blue Apron had TOTALLY REDEEMED themselves!

The next recipe we tried was “Tom Yum-Style Shrimp and Noodle.” The prep and cooking was just as high maintenance (Tired Girl standards – I had to use TWO pans for example) but incredibly worth it. The meal tasted like we were in a quality Thai restaurant. Our only complaint was that there wasn’t more of it to be eaten. Score MANY points Blue Apron.

In the end I give Blue Apron, as a gift, an “A” – all the other rigmarole aside the recipes are so good. And it’s really fun to try things I never knew existed or would have tried on my own. Will I buy it for myself in the future? Probably not, because I am cheap.

What I definitely recommend it for though is something like a “date night.” Especially for a date early on where you want to stay in and cook together. This would be fun for that.

Bottom line – food is delicious and recipes are fun and different. Prep is multi-step, if you are a little lazy.

* an hour is relative in that when I am cleaning it seems like hours, but when I am having fun it seems like minutes. I still maintain the clean-up was significant. 

Pam-Roasted Chicken

with the exciting "lacinto" kale!

Blue Apron Pan-Roasted Chicken
Credit: Blue Apron