When you are thinking about feeding you dog a certain brand of dog food, like Blue Buffalo dog food, there are a couple things you want to look out for. Researching the ingredients of dog food may sound hard but when you know what to look for it is real simple and will only take you a minute or so to do it.

When doing research on dog foods you want to look first at the top five ingredients listed. You can easily separate out the good dog food from the bad because the ingredients are listed in order by weight so the top ingredients are what most of the food consists of.

What I'm going to do is go through the process of researching one specific brand of Blue Buffalo dog food to show you how to do it for every other dog food on the market. I'm going to look at the Blue Wilderness dog food by Blue Buffalo. The top five ingredients are:

Blue Buffalo Dog Food1. Deboned chicken
chicken meal
potato starch
turkey meal
whitefish meal

Right out of the gate you can see that this food is loaded with protein sources, with four out of the top five ingredients being protein. The first ingredient is a protein source, that's good, unless you know that the water weight is added to the deboned chicken ingredient making it seem like there is more than there actually is in the finished product. In reality it should appear farther down the list. Whitefish meal is not only a good source of protein but it also provides Omega oils which help keep your dog's coat healthy and not flaky.

Now that you have figured out that this food is a sufficient source of protein for your dog, you have to do a little deeper digging. Going farther down the list you can see that they have a quality carbohydrate which is sweet potatoes and oats. These are better fillers than corn meal or wheat, which are hard for dogs to digest. Something that Blue Buffalo puts in their dog food that you don't see in many others is grasses and berries. You wouldn't associate these things with a dog's diet but when dogs in the wild eat their prey, it's usually a small animal that had a diet of grasses, nuts, and berries, so the dog is getting the nutrients from these foods through its prey. Blue Wilderness has also vitamin supplements like vitamin A and E added.

The ingredients in Blue Wild show that Blue Buffalo dog food actually cares about the health of their customer's dogs.