The use of contact lenses is not just about vision improvement anymore, today they area hot fashion accessory. To feed this trend contact makers now produce lenses in a a rich variety of colors and even different patterns and other exotic designs. Contact manufacturers offer a kaleidoscope of lens colors. In addition to brown, green and blue you might also sample gray, aqua, hazel, honey, violet and topaz. Colored contact lenses may be purchased with ease through specialty retailers or opticians. This article will assist you in the pursuit of the perfect blue contact lenses for you.

Modern choices in blue contact lenses may give a sense of adventure when you use them to augment your look. If you choose the right shade they can have an enormous impact on your appearance. While a special color is a great attention getter be sure your choice works with your complexion. When you select your blue contact lenses there a few things to keep in mind. With a bit of forethought you will ba able to select the best lenses for you. Blue contacts will give your eyes a bright luminescent look. While most human irises don't stand out in a big way blue colored contacts can make your eyes something special. On a sunny day your jewel-like eyes will get his attention. For the night scene rich blue lenses are an option that will get you noticed.

For a traffic stopping look go for a true sapphire colored lens. Sapphire is a really awesome looking lens choice for those with darker complexions. Those with pale skin and fair hair might opt for a lighter , maybe sky, blue. Opaque contacts or translucent lenses are options especially nice on fairer colored people. Brands such as Acuvue 2 and Durasoft 2 offer shades of blue such as Aqua, Ocean, and Sky. Colors such as these are appropriate for people who already have lighter irises.

Contacts are generally comfortable enough for all day wear. Disposable lenses make lens use safe for those who don't want to care for their lenses all the time. Some people might choose a standard lens for daily wear and blue contact lenses for a special night out. Flashing blue eyes are sure to get their attention.