Blue is a very common color and you see it everywhere you look in clothes and home decorating. Most men who don't want to wear a white shirt opt for a blue one, the most popular color for jeans is blue and it is considered a very "safe" color for everything from sweaters to comforters.

Blue is a great color because it has a calming influence on people. Whether blue is chosen subconsciously because of this reason is not known; what is known is that animals placed in a blue room tend to have a lower heart rate than those placed in differently colored rooms. Choosing blue as the theme for your bedroom is therefore a good idea. The only problem is that plain blue, even a pleasant sky blue is very "plain". If you were to think of blue the best shade for decorating is a mid blue denim comes in and you can do worse than choosing a blue denim bedroom theme. This makes the room all the better to look at and having something like that for your bed linen will add more interest than a plain blue room.

A good idea would be to paint one wall blue, even a dark shade would not look too bad as long as you restrict yourself to only one wall and paint the rest of the walls cream or white. You can choose blue curtains in a similar shade as the wall to set off the color. You can then go with the blue denim look for your bed linen including your sheets and bed spreads. Of course, you would not choose denim fabric for sheets, it is more the color that you need to think about, but you should be able to buy a denim or denim patchwork cover or comforter as these are popular with young people. As for cushions and throws, it is your choice to either stick with the same theme or go with a different patten to liven up the room. Having a blue rug in the same shade as the denim bedding or as the curtains by the side of your bed or in the doorway is another good idea.

The wall that has been painted blue should have a few pictures hanging in a strategically random manner so that it does not look very plain. Even if the rest of the room does not have any pictures, the colored wall provides the focal point so that is OK.

Having a coordinated room like this need not cost any more than making random choices for the things you select but it does create a room you will be happy to spend time in rather than one which is bland and boring!