Blue Eyes Makeup – Makeup Tips

Blue eyes makeup

The amount of melanin in the iris is what determines the eye color of each of us. People with blue eyes have the least amount of melanin in the iris and blue eyes are also the least common of all eye colors. Lucky you if you have these rare colored eyes. This article will give you simple makeup tips for your baby blues that will help them stand out and be noticed.

Before you apply any eye makeup or other makeup, be sure to wash your face carefully with a cleanser meant for your skin type, a toner to return the ph to normal, an eye cream to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles all around the eye area and a moisturizer on the rest of the face. Wearing a foundation daily will protect the skin you've just cleaned and will also give you a perfectly smooth texture to apply eye makeup and any other makeup you wear daily.

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

cool palette eyeshadows

Blue is a cool color and the colors that will look the best for anyone with blue eyes are blue, pink, plum, berry, lavender as well as light taupe, pink and ivory.

Choose three of your favorite eyeshadow colors from the cool colors and make sure that one is a darker color such as plum for the base, one medium hued color such as lavender and one light color such as ivory for highlighting the eye.

Eyeshadows in powder form rather than creams usually go on smoother and easier without creasing in the lines of eyes or wearing off. Shimmering eyeshadow colors should be avoided if you have fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, such as crow's feet since this will only draw more attention to these areas that you probably want to show less.

Blue Eyes Makeup Tips:

Begin by applying the dark plum color to the bottom of the eyelid all the way across keeping the darkest and heaviest shading at the outer edge of the eye.

Using an eyeshadow brush, apply the lavender color to the center crease of the eye extending the darker and heavier application to the outside of the eye. Blend until there are no noticeable lines where the plum ends and the lavender begins. Add a touch of this same lavender to the under eye area below the eye lashes for an additional burst of color to help blue eyes pop.

Clean the eyeshadow brush on a cotton cloth and then dip the brush into the light ivory color. Add this highlighter color to the eyelid just under the eyebrow area all the way across and just into the lavender color.

Use the ivory color as a dab of color just at the inside of the eye for additional highlighting.

Add liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner in a light black color to the skin just above the top eyelashes and again just below the bottom eyelashes.

*Keep pencil eyeliners sharpened to reduce infections to the eye and always clean makeup brushes after each use.

End blue eyes makeup with brownish black or black mascara in one or two coats depending on the length and intensity of your eyelashes.

Add a very light pink or neutral blush to the cheeks and blend upward and outward, followed by a touch of finishing powder to set the whole look and help your makeup last all day long without smearing.

Choose a lip color one shade darker than your natural lip in a lip gloss or lipstick with or without a lip liner.

Blue eyes makeup tips

Use these blue eyes makeup tips by adjusting the colors used and vary it for added interest and to prevent from being bored with the same makeup look every day.

Add a touch of blue jewelry or clothing in blue near the face to really enhance the blue eyes and to help them really stand out. Your baby blues will never have looked better when you practice these makeup tips.

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