Blue Green Algae Benefits

There are many blue green algae benefits, it is known to have the most nutrients than any other food. There are two types of algae that has been called a super food these are spirulina and blue algae as they have high amounts of protein, nutrients and vitamins.It can also help manage your stress levels,helps stabalize your mood and is also good for your mental health.

Blue green algae has been around a long time, it is a microscopic plant and is also known as Cynanobacteria.This plant is often found in many parts of the vast ocean and can also be found in ponds and lakes. Other blue green algae benefits is that this food is very high in oxygen, it can help conditions such as eye problems if it is caused by a Vitamin A deficiency.

A tablespoon per day will give you a good amount of the fatty acid GLA and can treat protein and iron deficiencies particularly in infants.This plant has anti aging benefits for your organs, skin and hair.Because it has a lot of nutrients it is great for people who need an energy boost, it can also strengthen your immune system by locating damaged tissues and helps fight free radicals.It can also help reduce cholesterol levels and helps manage your blood sugar levels especially if you are a diabetic. Research has also shown that it can also increase the amount of good bacteria in the body which helps to digest your food and prevent intestinal infections which can cause diarrhea.

Other blue green algae benefits if taken regularly is that it can also improve your memory and can help reduce pain and headaches.This plant is also highly absorbable, almost 97% of nutrients from this plant can be absorbed by the body. It also has amazing detoxing benefits, it can help cleanse your body while you sleep so your system doesn't work so hard. It can also help minimize food cravings and help you to lose weight more effectively. It has also been reported to help treat allergies and infections such as influenza. It is also anti inflammatory and can help prevent the release of histamine in the body.

Additional blue green algae benefits of this plant is that it is high in protein which can help strengthen your nails, skin and hair. It can also reduce anxiety and depression and can be taken to help with digestion. Blue aglae has a total of 64 different enzymes, minerals and vitamins and has more chlorophyll than any other super food. It has about 70% of vegetable protein and high levels of beta-carotene.

Other Vitamins include Calcium, Vitamins B1,B6,B12,C,E and iron. It also has 8 important amino acids and the most vital minerals such as manganese, selenium, copper and zinc. This plant is usually harvested during summer and is put through a filtration process, it then can be bought frozen or in powder form.

The blue green algae is a powerful plant and can cause detoxification symptoms, not all blue green algae can be eaten. Some can be quite toxic only the spirulina and the Aphanizomenon flos-aquae type can be consumed.Although there are many blue green algae benefits it is advised to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.