Blue haze on Sony rear-projection TV

Examples of the blue haze problem on the Sony rear-projection optical television

If you purchased a Sony rear-projection optical TV then you will want to know about the breaking news that Sony has extended its warranty covering the optical block of your television to cover 2007 models as well as all models before that year. This should cover essentially all the models produced since 2003 that are likely to experience the 'blue haze' problem.

The move came at the end of October (2009) when uproar over defective optical block parts and questionable Sony responses gathered momentum for a class action lawsuit. These televisions have been revealed to contain defective parts that cause yellow, green or blue hazes, blobs, stains, stripes or other interruptive picture patterns. For TVs that retail from $2000 to more than $6000, selling these sets with a major defect seems unconscionable. What's more, Sony has been charging owners $700 or more for replacing the problematic optical blocks whenever whenever the television's 'extended' warranty program has expired.

More information is coming to light that Sony employees were instructed to replace defective parts with refurbished parts that are likely to last only one to four years depending on frequency of use, (the same estimated overly-short life of the original part).

Although Sony denied the problem at first, it has had to balance the huge cost of replacing defective optical blocks at its own expense with the loss of customer loyalty. Unfortunately, since the optical block has never been re-engineered, replacing this part will only offer an extension before the new part, too, breaks down.

Many Sony rear projection optical television customers are angry that they have never been contacted about the problem or any warranty extensions even though they registered their purchase.

Sony is offering individual settlements and discounts on new televisions. But do some research and decide what is the best choice for you before you jump to any agreements. One person in California took Sony to court and got a settlement far in excess of what Sony offered. And you may be able to purchase a new TV for less than the Sony discounted offer. Please note that Sony discontinued producing rear projection optical TVs in December of 2007, putting their energies into producing flat-panel LCD and organic light-emitting diode televisions instead.

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