Our Personal Experience

Blue Heeler Dogs are all of the above and much more.  I will explain something weird that happened to prove our dogs dedication or understanding of our needs.

Titan is such a smart dog and what he did last night goes to prove this more than ever. I have to tell you this story although you may not believe me but it is true.

My husband turned off the TV and told me he was going to bed. As usual I was typing on my computer. Suddenly the power went off and it was pitch black. No moonlight or anything just complete blackness. My husband asked where the torches were and I said in the cupboard. He found his way to the cupboard and found one.


Titan with our old cat

The power was out in the whole street. So my husband returned inside with the help of his torch and walked towards the kitchen. Then he called to me, you gotta see this! I followed him, and standing there as pleased as punch was Titan (our blue heeler) tail wagging profusely with our other torch in his mouth.

We could not believe it. How did he know we needed the other torch? He must have gone to the cupboard and found it. These cupboards had press release catches so he opens them easy. He seems to sense when we want things, it is not the first time he has done this, although I believe this one takes the cake. And yes he got a treat for being so smart.

We just cannot understand how he does it, although he does do heaps of things for us. I took him to obedience school as a pup. I did this to have a little bit of control over him, because as a pup he was a real terror. He chewed up our whole cane lounge. Chewed the newly upholstered cushions on the lounge and dug holes everywhere. As we both worked I blamed most of this on boredom, and being left home on his own.

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Grandson pretending to share his meal

This picture is of our grandson pretending to eat Titans Dinner.

Dog Poisoning

He has been poisoned twice.The first time he found some snail pellets. Beware when placing pellets in your garden as they can kill your dog. There are some more improved snail pellets on the market these days that dogs will not eat. Make sure you buy those ones.

Dangers of throwing sticks for your dog

The second time our son took him to the beach and because he left his ball home he threw sticks for him. As you can imagine blue heelers don't do anything by half measures it is full pelt or nothing. Well he got one stick jammed into his mouth.Within a few minutes of returning home he was sick and foaming at the mouth. We rushed him to the vet and after explaining what had happened he thought the stick may have been used to stab a poisonous fish or something. It was the only explanation any of us could come up with.

Then a few years later he developed a large lump on his neck. Luckily it was benign. They operated and after a long while they removed most of it. But they could not get it all as it was right on his jugular vein. Again he was saved, thank goodness. So he has sure had his ups and downs. This same protective true mate, gets our mail from the letterbox, helps to carry in the shopping. He is pretty gentle with it although one day he decided to shake a loaf of bread and we had to rescue it. Since then we just give him things in solid packets. But he runs in with it and then back out to the car for something else.

Blue Heelers Need Jobs to keep them Active



Waiting to go for a drive

 Dogs need to be buckled up into their own seat belt like humans, they need your help with this.

My husband tells Titan to grab his thongs. And off he runs and brings one. My husband then says get the other one and away Titan runs and brings the other one. Sometimes he gets an odd shoe, but hey we can't be too fussy.

This wonderful dog would protect either one of us with his life. We know that for sure and certain. Even when we are playing around he lets us know in no uncertain terms. He growls letting us know he is watching us.

Beware of snakes

We were camping in our caravan next to a lake. One afternoon my husband was having a nap and I was sitting outside reading a book and Titan started snapping under our van. I couldn't work out what he was doing. Then when I crawled underneath I spotted the problem. I freaked out and screamed to my husband. Tiger snake - Titan is trying to get it.

I grabbed Titan. Luckily for him the snake was stretched out and where he was snapping was in the middle so it didn't bite him. We tried to get rid of it.  Eventually the rangers came and after two hours they got it out. Oh boy I was freaking out. I hate snakes. We were very grateful to the rangers that is for sure they took it away and let it go somewhere else thank goodness.

When Titan wants to sit on one of our lounge chairs at night, he sits in front of it and waits. If we take no notice he will whimper, and when we say ok, he jumps up and make himself comfortable.

I hope I am not boring you with this but honest to goodness. could give you literally hundreds of little snippets of things he does for us, and we think the world of him. Not that you can tell I suppose.

Oh, Just one more thing. When we were traveling around Australia, we met so many people that would come up to us and ask about Titan. They would share all their stories about their wonderful Blue or Red Heelers. In thirteen months we never met one of those dog owners that had a bad word to say about Heelers. They all said how wonderful Blue Heeler dogs are. And it is true.

Blue Heelers would give their lives for their owners if they could. So I think it is time to say "Drink up! And cheers to Titan, hopefully we will have this blue heeler dog for another ten years!"

Blue Heeler Cattle Dogs

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