It can be very hard to get financing or small loans for that computer system you so very much want. You search the for companies that will sell you a computer even though you have bad credit. Many of these sites are scams and difficult to work with. Blue Hippo Computers is one of those companies.

They have advertised themselves as a no credit check and bad credit company where you can purchase a computer. They even offer free printers and digital cameras to entice you. The process seems easy. You apply and you must create some credit history with them by paying $99.00 as a down payment and 52 weeks of $39.99. Once you have reached thirteen weeks of payment, they will then finance your computer system.

This sounds really great, however if you do the math, you will ultimately pay over two thousand dollars for a computer system from Dell, that if you went directly to the Dell site, it may only cost $459.00. Okay, companies deserve to make money on your situation, but many people have complained that they never received their computer and most certainly never received their free promotional gifts.

There are over eight thousand pages of complaints against this company. Class action lawsuits have been filed against the company and currently their bank accounts have been frozen by their credit card processors due to these and other issues. The company has filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on December 9, 2009. This comes after years of having lawsuits and complaints being filed. Many states across the United States have filed lawsuits in regard to Blue Hippo's trade practices. Since 2004, the company has been required to repay monies to customers who never received items as well as restitution.

The Better Business Bureau has reported almost four thousand complaints against the company and has rated them unsatisfactory. Many people have described the company as a scam, a rip off and have had a complete negative experience.

In addition to these complaints, the site did not have security in place at their website until several years being in business. They also had no refund or cancellation policy until the middle of 2006. Many people reported that they canceled their purchase but were faced with legal action to pay in full.

This company has had years of problems, complaints and lawsuits. It has preyed on those looking to purchase computers and other electronics with bad credit. It seems as though it has finally caught up to the company. The Blue Hippo Computers website is not available and further information from the company cannot be found from them. It is a shame that a company would prey on less than fortunate people, but they are out there and anyone looking for financing online needs to carefully search, evaluate and thoroughly check them out.